Hookers Who Regress With Child-like Fashion Choices

I live in the red light district of Sydney, Australia. It is known as Kings Cross, but even many Sydneysiders don’t know that Kings Cross is not a suburb – it is merely the name of the train station and a nickname for the district. I love where I live because it is very bohemian, […]

Hey Loser! Why Aren’t You Wearing Vintage?

Styles of yesteryear: beading, brocade, gem clasps and pressed metal. These are accents that you simply don’t see these days, or if you do, they’re machine tooled, not hand-done as they were pre-1950. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find genuine op shops, thrift stores or vintage shops. More often than not, these are turning into […]

16 Signs Your Clothes Are Wearing You

You know the type! A sexy, gorgeous girl leaves the house looking and feeling great – or at least she thinks she does! Everything about her outfit is appearing fresh and fine, her accessories are coordinated, her brands are on-trend, her look is unconventional and yet thought-out…but something is still wrong. But what? Don’t be […]

The Fashion Mistakes I Made in My Youth: A Confession

I like clothes and I also like to change up my look. Over the years I have worn many different looks. When I was 17 I went through a phase where I would only wear primary colours, red, yellow and blue. Then I realised how ridiculously restrictive this was and I acquiesced to adding white […]

Botox: How I Have Wrinkles and I Don’t Care

I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery and I have been quite vocal about this in the past. Last night I saw a very beautiful woman, she was probably about my age, 34. I actually couldn’t really tell because she had obviously had quite a bit of work done to her face; not […]

My New Neon Accessories. Breaking Traffic. Stopping Hearts.

Just a quick one from me today – check out my fabulous neon accessories. These are great – because they work with almost any outfit, from casual to office to party. I bought the little bangles from a tiny boutique in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia. It’s a hole in the wall place and the sales assistant […]

Fanny Pack or Bum Bag? Check Out My Outrageous Vintage Find!

If you’re an American guy or gal– you will not know what a bum bag is – actually you will, but you will call it a fanny pack. There is a joke in the UK version of The Office about the meaning of the word fanny in the UK and Australia – Americans beware – […]

What’s Your REAL Size? The Truth About Vanity Sizing

There have been times when I have been in denial about my weight. Since adulthood, I have only fluctuated about 10 kilos, or 22 pounds, which is quite a significant amount, but not dangerous. At a higher weight I am very uncomfortable: I feel like I look puffy and bloated. I am always tugging at […]

What’s Wrong with My Body? The Parts I Love and Hate

I thought it was high time I blogged about my boobs again. My posts on my breasts have been among the most popular on my site, which doesn’t surprise me as my boobs have always been popular in general. I am a straight woman, but I have to admit that I love breasts. All in […]

Men with Beards: Why I Love ‘Em!

Beards, they are everywhere at the moment. Do you love them? Loathe them? Do you have one? I personally have always loved facial hair, from sideburns to moustaches to full beards and mutton chops, I’m a massive fan of unruly man-hair. I’m not really sure why – I think it’s probably because I am not […]

Sex, Porn and My American Apparel Backpack

I bought this great bag from American Apparel the other day. It seemed like a frivolous purchase, particularly given my age. After all, I am no longer a teenager, so why do I need a clear, black, plastic schoolbag? Why not, indeed?! My American Apparel Black Clear Plastic Backpack It’s come in very handy, actually! […]

Why I Love Military Fashion

Military fashion is back this season! I have to admit that I’ve always been a fan! What’s not to love? Even if you’re a peace-maker (in fact especially if you’re a peace -maker) you should be garbing yourself in this gear in 2013! Who is Doing Military in 2013? To quote MillionLooks.com, “Every designer from […]

What Your Bad Fashion Trend Says About You

Clothes: every year we have new trends that come out. I have to admit that I have been a victim to a few of the below trends of the last few seasons, some successfully, some not so successfully. But what does your fashion trend really say about you? Here are the top 10 sins of […]

34 Signs Your Clothes are Giving You that You’re Getting Old

1. Your clothes have more structure 2. You know what suits your figure 3. You don’t wear anything that is too tight across certain areas, because it’s unflattering 4. You have to admit that there are some clothing options you’re just too old for, like legwarmers, cheap chain store tube dresses and sparkles on day […]