What makes someone attractive? Social media, vanity & insecurities

Is social media causing you to be more insecure about your attractiveness? Here’s how to let go of your insecurities and ego to live a happier life. Why are young adults so vain now, and is it causing them to be more insecure?

Fun ways to burn 100 calories Your BMR and how it affects weight loss yoga men and women

Fun ways to burn 100 calories | Your BMR and how it affects weight loss

Everyone at work seems to love Chobani yoghurt. In fact, I constantly see pots of this delicious snack in the fridge. Want to burn 100 calories fast – the fun way? Well, read on! Depending on how you look at it, it’s difficult or easy to burn 100 calories. How long have you been stuck in […]

BMI formula

The BMI formula | Understanding BMI 10 ways

The BMI Formula is what you use to calculate your BMI. A BMI calculator assesses your body mass index and is a broad indication of whether you are at a healthy weight or not. Put simply, if your BMI is too low, you are underweight, and if it’s too high, you are overweight, obese or […]

How my parents stopped me from becoming obese: an excerpt

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald. When I was a teenager, my weight started to creep out of control. I struggled to maintain it, much to the concern of my slim parents, who made their fair share of mistakes while trying to help me manage it. I […]

Is self-love the key to losing weight?

I used to have a problem with food, having said that – I am not suggesting that I am out of the water yet – I anticipate that at some stage in the future, I may have a problem with food again. There have been times in my life when I have been overweight. My […]

Male anorexia on the rise

The Boyf and I are obsessed by our scales. I have blogged about this before: My Love/Hate relationship with the scales and I have been on both sides of this argument: that you should weigh every day in order to maintain optimal health and that weighing yourself daily can cause emotional distress, eating disorders and […]

The BMI index is not suitable for everyone. Here’s why

The Body Mass Index system has been around for a while but many people don’t realise that it was never intended to measure obesity. It was a simplified system invented in about 1830 by a Belgian doctor and it was just designed to put various body types into categories. It wasn’t until the 1970s that […]

20 Obesity facts from around the world: how does your country stack up?

Obesity is Everywhere. It’s an epidemic which means that it is a very wide-spread problem. Epidemics do not need to be contagious, but there are reports that obesity is, in fact, contagious. My blog alycevayleauthor.com is read by people in many countries, so I thought I’d check the obesity statistics of the countries that read […]

Is Eating “6 Small Meals a Day to Keep Your Metabolism Going” a Myth?

There are so many studies that tell us to eat regularly throughout the day to keep our metabolisms going. It seems that many of us these days are afraid of ever going hungry. Small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going Many nutritionists and dieticians believe that eating smaller, frequent meals throughout the […]

FitBit Tracker Review | Metabolism Woes & Plateaus | Getting fit

FitBit Tracker Review | Metabolism Woes & Plateaus

Here is my FitBit Tracker Review: Have you ever been able to lose weight fairly easily? There are some times in life when the weight seems to drop off quickly, often without effort. But sometimes, it feels as if we are doing all the right things and the scales simply won’t budge – or even […]

What is the Most Attractive BMI? What Should You Weigh to Look Your Hottest?

What is the most attractive BMI? What should you weigh to look your hottest?

What’s your Body Mass Index (BMI)? What do you mean you don’t know? This is probably one of the most important figures you will ever find out. This is the number that protects you from obesity. The most attractive BMI is a number that’s particular to you – and one you must find out. Really, what […]

A New Method of Controlling Your Weight: Therapeutic Hunger

Are you struggling with food issues? Do you feel that food controls you? Are you overweight and find that no diets seem to work? Therapeutic Hunger is a method of mindful eating that allows you to understand your digestion and to eat more or less, based on your own body’s needs. There’s no need to […]

Should You Put Your Fat Kid on a Diet?: “The Heavy” Dara-Lynn Weiss Review

The Heavy: By Dara-Lynn Weiss. She’s the “Vogue” mom who put her chubby daughter on a diet so the kid would look better at upscale Manhattan parties – or so Weiss’ bad press would have you believe. The truth is very, very different. I definitely do not agree with everything this modern mother has done, […]

To Weigh Every Day or Not? My Love/Hate Relationship with the Scale

Today I am happy because today I weigh less than yesterday. Any day you catch me in a particularly good mood, it’s because I’ve dropped a kilo (more than two pounds!) overnight. If everything in my life is going really well but I’ve had a tiny gain – I feel miserable. How long I have […]