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How to deal with a drama queen | Healing toxic relationships

Are you dealing with a toxic drama queen in your life? Is it possible to heal toxic relationships, or should you just dump your drama queen friend, lover or collegue? Let’s find out what a drama queen is and does, and how you can deal with them!


How to argue effectively and why you need to learn

It’s important to learn how to argue effectively, especially on social media. Many people have lost the gentle art of philosophical, respectful debate. Find out how and why to argue more effectively on social media, how to avoid trolls and how to get your points across.


Pro Ana websites and the dangerous culture they instilled

I hate to admit this, but I am going to. I used to be obsessed with Pro Ana websites. If you don’t know what that means, that’s probably a good thing. Pro Ana is short for Pro-Anorexia, and in the late nineties and early 2000s, these abounded on the web on sites such as Live […]

What are the most hurtful insults you can say to someone you love? | Hurt woman

What are the most hurtful insults you can say to someone you love?

The most hurtful insults are ones that cut right to the core. Let’s start out be being honest here: you should never, ever seek to needlessly hurt someone you love but I know that lots of people search this question as my most popular post How to Deal With Hurtful Insults from Someone You Love […]

Learning from failed relationships | What your ex can reveal about you

Learning from failed relationships | What your ex can reveal about you

Urgh. Crappy stuff happens to me all the time. I have lost jobs, had disastrous relationships, I have been injured, I have lost important things, I have felt terrible pain. We all have, right? Failed relationships are always hard. For the most part, I have been blessed with really quite wonderful men in my life […]

terrible things happen to good people

The terrible things in my life that have gone wrong (& why they’re not so bad)

It’s true, terrible things do happen to good people. I have led a charmed life, gifted with many great things. I won’t list them all here because I don’t want to sound like a bragger or “up myself” as we say in my home country of Australia. You see, there’s nothing worse in Australia than […]

My partner taking anger out on me | Emotional abuse

Why is my partner taking his (or her) anger out on me?

Taking anger out on someone is never OK, but we all do it. Sometimes we are mean to our partners, or those who are closest to us. Sometimes people that we love, are mean to us for no reason. Or “for no good reason”. When humans are stressed, they can take their anger and frustrations […]

Eminem’s feud with Iggy Azalea is totally sexual harassment

Eminem says that he wants to sexually harass Iggy Azalea. In fact, he said it much worse, he actually mentions that he wants to rape her. Which is shocking. I have no idea where all this rape culture news has come from lately. Eminem says in the lyrics of his song: “So what’s it gon’ […]

Why am I being criticized? The answer is: people criticize those they admire

Why am I being criticized? The answer is: people criticize those they admire

So, why do people criticize those they admire? Is someone criticizing you to make themselves feel important? Years ago I had a very, very rich boyfriend. He was a powerful man, with lots of staff under him who had to do what he said. He was used to being the boss and people asking, “how […]

What are the worst things that happen to women?

I have had some really awesome things happen to me lately – and then I have also had some really bad things happen to me. What counts as a bad thing? I’m OK but what happened to me definitely counts. I feel quite sad inside and like I have suffered quite a bit – needlessly. […]

stop feeling pain inside

5 ways to stop feeling pain inside

Do you want to stop feeling pain inside? The pain I am talking about is the pain that is impossible to see. When we feel internal pain, sometimes we experience it as an actual feeling – almost tangible. That’s what I feel today. Feeling pain inside is never nice – there have been times when […]

How to deal with mood swings: 7 things to fix feeling irritable

Mood swings are something that we all deal with, every now and then, right? I am grumpier than grumpy cat today. So – what of it? You want to start something with me? Do ya? Do ya? Hey? PUNK. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and I get very upset when things are not going my […]

How to let go of your ex and let go of resentment

A while ago, I went through a bad break up. At the time, I actually questioned if my heart was breaking. For a few weeks, I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. There was a persistent pain in my chest. My chest actually ached and I felt short of breath. I […]

How to get away with lying and what are the most common lies?

Lying is not a great thing to do, not at all. The reality is, humans lie every day, all the time. Sometimes it is essential to lie, sometimes it is caring to lie, sometimes it is advantageous to one’s career to lie. What is the definition of a lie? According to Dictionary.com, a lie is: […]