What the world’s most powerful women can teach us | Quotes

What the world’s most powerful women can teach us | Power Quotes

Who are the world’s most powerful women? Strong career women can be an inspiration to women and men alike. Here Alyce Vayle looks at the career advice from some of Australia’s (and the world’s) top career women, in areas as vast as technology, publishing, start-ups and screen. What advice could you take from them? #1: […]

What are the best libraries in Sydney, Australia?

They give you books for free – did you know that? I know, it seems too good to be true, for sure, but I can assure you that they do indeed. Of course, we all know that we all have local libraries in most decent cities where people enjoy things like access to hospitals, public […]

The 10 reasons I can’t get into Instagram

I’m sure you know it well by now. Instagram is an online social media photo and video sharing platform. One of its main features is the way it allows users to apply filters to their images and the fact that it confines your photos to a square shape. People love it – but quite frankly, […]

Inflated “happiness” posts on social media make us more miserable

Whenever you check your social media feeds you see them. Positive affirmations, pledges of 100 days of happiness and gratitude lists.  Cluttering up our feeds are protestations that happiness is “my favourite cup of coffee,” or, “watching the dog run in circles in my backyard.” Sorry, what? It has been suggested that Generation Y was […]

Weird travel tips for women

I love to travel – don’t we all? As I am about to embark on a romantic Indonesian holiday with The Boyf, I thought I would share some of my fave, weird travel tips with you. These work for men as well – but when travelling (alone or not), often women need to exercise extra […]

How to blog from your iPhone

I am an efficient person. Some days, I come home and tell The Boyf, “I was so effective today,” then I ask what’s for dinner and lose my iPhone/charger/favourite t-shirt and he puts my life back together for me. We all struggle to make the best use of our time. Right now, I am waiting […]

Are you a charity ‘slacker’? How social media has created a culture of ‘slactivism’

Fred Clark is a blogger, at the Slacktivist blog for Patheos’ progressive Christian channel and is also a graduate of Palmer Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. I spoke to him about the term ‘slacktivism’ – labelling people who like and share awareness or charity memes on facebook or twitter without actively engaging with the cause. Fred […]

Things that are Sweet, Fluffy and Not at all Controversial

Well ho bloody hum, blog readers. You’re lucky I am here at all. Finding no less than three separate people upset by my ramblings yesterday, I am considering shutting this platform down and taking my ramblings elsewhere where I can no longer be found. Why do I even write under a pseudonym? That’s right, Alyce […]

Returning to Eating Meat After Vegetarianism

Yes, I know. I know. I’ve been down this path before too and I am not ashamed. I first flirted with vegetarianism when I lived in Perth, Western Australia. If you have never been, please make sure you never go. Perth is a crappy place, full of sad and lonely people who don’t know how […]

dealing with haters tall poppy syndrome

Dealing With Haters by Talking Up Your Achievements

I have a friend who has taken to reading my blog and then criticising the things I have written about. “Hash browns?” he’ll text, “…how lame!” or “I can’t believe you write a whole post on what you wear – how vacuous.” I have noticed that people really love to criticise people who are doing […]

The Lure of Free Crap and Why I am So Easily Bought

I had been anticipating this Monday for a week now. This was the Monday I was due to get my complimentary hash brown at McDonalds. Yes, if you read my blog you know that I love McDonalds. For the last couple of weeks I have been looking longingly at the promotional poster that declares: for […]

Botox: How I Have Wrinkles and I Don’t Care

I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery and I have been quite vocal about this in the past. Last night I saw a very beautiful woman, she was probably about my age, 34. I actually couldn’t really tell because she had obviously had quite a bit of work done to her face; not […]

TV and Movies from the 80s: Thanks for the Spiritual Enlightenment

Why are you laughing? Couldn’t it be possible that sometimes we receive spiritual teachings in the most unusual ways? Really, in my personal experience, you just never know where interesting concepts come into your lives. There is actually a theory that myths hold the same weight in our minds as historical figures; for example, Alice […]

McDonalds “Track My Maccas”: Why this is the Crappest App of 2013

Useless apps. I’ve downloaded a few stinkers in my day. The Bible app kept crashing my phone – further convincing me that the apocalypse was nigh. I couldn’t find a Koran app – they are all in Arabic. The Torah apps were too expensive and the Bhagavad-Gita app keeps sending me ads for cronuts. Religious […]