Men with Beards: Why I Love ‘Em!

Beards, they are everywhere at the moment. Do you love them? Loathe them? Do you have one? I personally have always loved facial hair, from sideburns to moustaches to full beards and mutton chops, I’m a massive fan of unruly man-hair.

I’m not really sure why – I think it’s probably because I am not a particularly hairy person myself (a welcome relief since I’m a chick) and I have always thought that there was something very manly about facial hair.

vintage beard

But beards are getting out of control.

Younger generation – I am looking at you! I have met a few new people lately and almost without exception, the blokes now have big, bushy beards. Even some of the men in my regular circle have been letting their man-hair go wild.

I have to say – I like it.

There have been studies that have indicated that moustached men have better job prospects than bearded men, though, which I find very strange.

Statistics show: Beards cost men jobs!

Cracked reveals a survey by a company called Quicken that discovered that men with facial hair on their upper lip only took home over 8% more moolah than their bearded mates, and 4.3% more than their clean-shaven cubicle buddies.

Bearded men in music

I first noticed the trend in beards circumstantially – many of the young baristas, barmen, funky sales assistants and street-groovers seemed to be getting about with something that made them look like a mountain climber. Then I noticed the film clip for “Lantern” by Birds of Tokyo (watch the film clip here for some great beard-action) and that there was some serious facial hair happening.


And it seems to be spreading!

I say, bring it on! If you have a beard, keep it going. If you do not have a bread – get one, I say. If you are a woman, don’t lament, as hormonal changes can often lead to more hair growth, so you may find yourself the proud owner of a beard yet.

Here’s the story of German woman, Mariam, who has quite a nice one – and she’s looking for love!

beard lady

Photo credits:

Daily Mail

Beard by jugbo

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