Words NOT to use on your resume: Watch Your Words in the Job Search!

When putting together a resume and cover letter, should you use the word “strong” or “aggressive”? Would using the word “ambitious” be a wise choice or a bad move? Writing a great resume is an ever evolving skill. Styles change and what was “in vogue” five years ago may no longer cut the mustard. You […]

How to get away with lying and what are the most common lies?

Lying is not a great thing to do, not at all. The reality is, humans lie every day, all the time. Sometimes it is essential to lie, sometimes it is caring to lie, sometimes it is advantageous to one’s career to lie. What is the definition of a lie? According to Dictionary.com, a lie is: […]

Email etiquette: 7 things to do. 7 things NOT to do

1.      Keep emails short An email should be as short as possible while still conveying its intended message. For a guide, three sentences is generally the maximum amount that a casual reader will process without needing to refer back to the email. Take your time to read and re-read your email to make sure you […]

7 Ways to read people’s secret language at work

There are many different types of workplaces, from corporate settings to clinics, community centres, contracting in private homes and working in outdoor spaces. If you work alongside others, you will notice that some ideas, plans and interactions are out in the open and some are not. Every workplace has rules, regulations and personalities to contend […]

Can’t Remember Multiple Passwords? Have You Heard of this Easy Technique?

Capital A, epsilon, underscore, star, numeral four. Lower-case a, capital Q, umlaut. That is not actually my password – that wouldn’t be acceptable these days. Anything less than 15 characters long not featuring capital letters, symbols and ancient Greek, simply will not do! You need a password for everything these days. I need to remember […]

15 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Answering common interview questions well can be a “make or break” situation when it comes to getting a job. Knowing what your interviewer is likely to ask is important but knowing why they are asking something is even more essential. There are a few common interview questions that you can expect and prepare for. Often […]

The 15 Worst Mistakes You Can Make on Your Resume

Find your resume. Hold it in your hand or upload it to your screen. We are now going to check it for any of these 15 common resume mistakes. If your resume contains any of them, it’s a sign that it could be a good time to do an update. These are suggestions only. By […]

Your Emotional Map: How to Deal with a Personal Crisis at Work

What sort of a person are you? How do you cope under pressure? When problems occur in our lives they often make concentrating at work difficult – but occasionally a serious personal event may occur that is so traumatic that you need to work out a coping strategy. How do you do that when you’ve […]

The Most Important Things to Know When asking Your Boss for a Flexible Working Arrangement

I had an argument with my friend yesterday – she’s a manager who looks after 40 staff and is struggling to accommodate everyone’s requests for flexible working arrangements. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed working for a company that actively encouraged its workers to work flexibly: within that organisation there were job sharing directors, […]