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How to deal with a drama queen | Healing toxic relationships

Are you dealing with a toxic drama queen in your life? Is it possible to heal toxic relationships, or should you just dump your drama queen friend, lover or collegue? Let’s find out what a drama queen is and does, and how you can deal with them!

Your Life Edit: 5 Toxic Relationships To Ditch Today

Your life edit: 5 toxic relationships to ditch today

There are many kinds of toxic relationships, and I don’t just mean with people. We often have very toxic relationships with the most banal, everyday things. Money, food, our body – these toxic problems can sneak in and take hold of us, and before we know it – we feel like we are a slave […]

Why have I been defriended on Facebook?

For the vast majority of us on Facebook, the platform can be a great place to meet new people, stay connected with old friends and keep in touch with our loved ones. Even though most of us don’t “keep count” of our Facebook friends, having them there can give us a sense of reassurance. That […]

FOMO and the 8 reasons friends unfollow you on Facebook

Smugness. We see it on Facebook all day – people posting their greatest achievements, looking proud and cluttering our feeds – making us feel inefficient. We’ve all heard of FOMO now – Fear Of Missing Out. In today’s age this is a real worry and many people actively switch off social media when they feel […]

An ode to my heroes: spiritual, personal and inspirational

Anais Nin If it weren’t for this French woman who wrote in her diaries in the 20s, 30s and 40s, I may never have been so devoted to keeping diaries myself. My dairies helped me to develop my writing, deal with my feelings, track my relationships and give me comfort. She also wrote erotic fiction, […]

Girl Crushes and Women I Admire

Ever had a crush on another girl? I have. I am not a lesbian but I adore women. I have eight best girlfriends and one adorable sister who I rely on for just about everything. I know some really strong women, working as everything from actors to doctors to marketers. Chicks are awesome. Like most […]

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Dealing With Haters by Talking Up Your Achievements

I have a friend who has taken to reading my blog and then criticising the things I have written about. “Hash browns?” he’ll text, “…how lame!” or “I can’t believe you write a whole post on what you wear – how vacuous.” I have noticed that people really love to criticise people who are doing […]

I Am Very Naughty and I Like to Break the Rules

I have always been very naughty. I like to get into mischief. This has always been a bit of a problem for me. I have an inquisitive mind and I like to break the rules just to see what will happen. Sometimes I wonder why everyone blindly follows the rules without ever questioning anything. I […]

Rejected By the Group? It’s NOT Your Imagination. Here’s Why

Have you ever felt that your ideas are being rejected at work or in a social situation because you are new to the group and considered an outsider? Well, you are probably not imagining it – it’s likely to be true, according to a couple of studies I found. When I was a kid I […]

Bad Manners The 7 Worst Mistakes You’re Making

Bad Manners: The 7 Worst Mistakes You’re Making

Bad manners irk me. There is nothing worse than a rotten day being made worse by a philistine pushing past you, or talking loudly and generally making themselves the most important person in the room. Do you have bad manners? Bad manners can be the difference between having a bad day and a good day, […]