Surviving The Outdoors: Could You Do It? Check This List To See

Surviving the outdoors: could you do it? Check this list to see

Surviving the outdoors is hopefully something you never need to do in real life, but it’s a good thing to know about, as every single year, people get lost and have to rely on themselves to survive. This 54 year old man got lost in a popular bushwalking range where I live and survived in […]

Why you should absolutely love Australia’s gorgeous problem child, Lara Bingle

Have you heard? Lara Bingle is in the USA – in fact, she has been back and forth there quite a bit with her sexy Aussie actor boyfriend. This gorgeous celebrity is one of my favourites, so I thought it was high time I blogged about her. So who is Lara Bingle? According to Wikipedia: […]

Is society on a moral decline? Is feminism to blame?

I have always had faith in mankind. I love men and I love women too. I have written before about whether men are in crisis – I do believe that feminism has had some very negative impacts on our culture, and men have suffered alongside women with the changes. Feminism in the 60s and 70s […]

Are you a charity ‘slacker’? How social media has created a culture of ‘slactivism’

Fred Clark is a blogger, at the Slacktivist blog for Patheos’ progressive Christian channel and is also a graduate of Palmer Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. I spoke to him about the term ‘slacktivism’ – labelling people who like and share awareness or charity memes on facebook or twitter without actively engaging with the cause. Fred […]

What I do wrong as a woman- the definitive list

This is a personal post about my failings a woman. These things that I am trying to attention are not everywoman’s problem – these are my problems and mine alone. But maybe you’re like me? I would count myself as a feminine woman with a developed masculine side. I look very feminine: I have long, […]

30 irrational things I do when I get PMS

Here is a list of irrational things I do when I get PMS. I get very bad premenstrual syndrome. I get this every single month. I feel that this has been getting worse as I get older and at age 34 I find myself quite irrational and hyper-sensitive for about one and a half weeks […]

Why I love getting naked

Why I love getting naked

Do you want to know why I love getting naked? I have always enjoyed taking off my clothes. This is a post about nudism, not exhibitionism, although I can say that I am an enthusiast of both at times. It’s fine – this post has an M-rating and I am not trying to frighten you […]

Children in 2013: Stressed, Anxious and No Time to Play

In 2013 kids are different to when I was a little tyke in the 80s. There is talk amongst teachers and parents that children today are over-scheduled and have inadequate time to explore the world and their own minds through free play time. Do you agree? I spoke with Teacher Lennie to find out why […]

How Would You Fare in a Zombie Apocalypse? Check This List to Find Out

Do you ever wonder how you would fare in an apocalypse? I do. I am not a morbid person – I just quite like camping and I have often thought about how well I would go if I didn’t have access to running water or a warm bed and how I would feel if the […]

Is President Obama Sexist or am I Being Over Reactive?

A very interesting gaffe was made by President Obama this year, and I say gaffe, but it was obviously a pre-written (and practised) speech that had probably had several writers – and somebody should have picked up his offensive language. Not hugely offensive…more subtly disturbing. What exactly did Obama say? He gave a speech where […]

Why I Don’t Mind the C Word, But Don’t You Dare Call Me “Bitch”

I have always had a problem with the word “Bitch”. I don’t like it, and if you feel the same, well hold onto your cotton knickers because it’s going to appear quite a lot in this blog post. The term is so common now; there is even a wiki entry on its origin. Just so […]

Imagine Running a Porn Ring from Your Suburban Home

Not Your Ordinary Housewife: Book Review That’s the theme of this book Not Your Ordinary Housewife by Nikki Stern. In the 1980s, Nikki found herself in Amsterdam and in love. She was a glass-blower and artist, living in a communal lesbian squat, dressing in leather, safety pins and fishnets. She meets Paul, a younger, Dutch […]

Did You Know that there are People Addicted to Lip Balm? Really!

Imagine if you were addicted to putting on lip balm? For many people, being addicted to having shiny, slippery lips is a real problem that can affect their whole lives. Many of us have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous, and many people are also aware of the various spin-offs such as Gamblers Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous. […]

My big boobs: Why they’re not as great as you think

My big boobs: Why they’re not as great as you think

My big boobs might look great, but there are things about them that mean they can be difficult to deal with. I just went and spent a whole bunch of money on something I really needed: new knickers and bras. I have double D boobs – that’s code for “big”. My body is a medium […]