Could you lose weight with the Bacon Diet?

Could and should you try to lose weight with the bacon diet? If you’ve read this blog before, you probably know that I love a crazy diet. I have written about a few of them in my time, some much more crazy than others. I have written about the miso soup diet, the junk food […]

Why healthy cooking can be a weight gain trigger

Why “healthy cooking” can be a weight gain trigger for binge eating

Healthy cooking can be a weight gain trigger, so you need to give up cooking and focus all your energy on portion control and calorie awareness. Cooking can lead to overproduction of food, too many leftovers, and overeating. Buy meals in single quantities, skip “healthy” junk food and bin all your leftovers immediately. If you’re trying to lose weight, give up cooking to stay on track.

How To Do The Cutting Diet The Right Way | Cutting Diet Plans

How to do the cutting diet the right way | Cutting diet plans

There are so many myths out there about cutting diets, or diets designed for you to shred maximum fat. In fact, a “cutting diet” refers to the special nutrition you’ll need to attain a body with low fat reserves by doing several things, including reducing your caloric intake. The organisation of your diet will assist you in […]

The 4 Worst Weight Loss Myths You Can Fall For

The 4 worst weight loss myths you can fall for

There are a million and one weight loss myths out there. Turmeric lattes, fasting, 5:2 Diet, Paleo, veganism, weighing yourself every day – where does the information end? When you are trying to lose weight, a million and one people are telling you a million and one different things. It’s an informational nightmare, and unfortunately, […]

Why I Have Gained Weight & How I Am Going To Fix It

Why I have gained weight & how I am going to fix it

Yep – I have gained weight – but there is a reason, I promise! When you’ve gained weight, do you look and feel your best? Probably not. I have gained weight before, and I have even been obese. Now, I prioritise my health and wellbeing, even though it’s sometimes hard. So – right now I […]

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Military Diet

Are you thinking of starting the military diet? Before beginning a big commitment like the military diet, there are a few things that need to be known about this particular type of weight loss plan. Let’s face it – it’s not going to be easy! Going into the military diet, you must acknowledge that your […]

Fun ways to burn 100 calories Your BMR and how it affects weight loss yoga men and women

Fun ways to burn 100 calories | Your BMR and how it affects weight loss

Everyone at work seems to love Chobani yoghurt. In fact, I constantly see pots of this delicious snack in the fridge. Want to burn 100 calories fast – the fun way? Well, read on! Depending on how you look at it, it’s difficult or easy to burn 100 calories. How long have you been stuck in […]

mars bar diet

Mars Bar Diet: Health Benefits & Weight Loss for the Lazy

Heard of the Mars Bar Diet? It’s one of the wackiest diets out there. Regular readers of this blog know that I just love a crazy diet. Do you remember the American professor who lots tons of weight on a junk food diet or the craziest diets from history, including eating cotton balls soaked in […]


Should I do the 5:2 diet? Will the 5:2 diet work?

I love a crazy diet, and the 5:2 Diet seems to fit that bill. Probably more for food obsessesers than those with a balanced approach to eating, this diet is perfect for you if you like a bit of self-flagellation and are down for a quick(ish) fix. But will it help you lose weight? Is […]

Is juice actually healthy for you or is juicing making you gain weight?

Is juice actually healthy for you or is juicing making you gain weight?

What do you think – is juicing making you gain weight? Eating healthy can be a challenge for everyone. Healthy living is something that we should all aspire to. You’ve probably seen millions of articles on the best juicer to buy and the best juices to drink – but could drinking juice actually be making […]

How healthy are sushi rolls, really? Can I lose weight eating sushi rolls? How healthy are nori rolls? How healthy are California rolls?

Sushi – it’s huge all over the world and if you’re like me, you’ve been led to believe that it’s a healthy option for a light meal or a snack. It’s low fat right? Made with natural, wholesome ingredients – right? It’s low in calories right? With hardly any preservatives? Wrong, I’m afraid. Sushi trains […]

Could butter be the key to you losing weight?

I love butter, I do. My dear father doesn’t like the stuff – or at least, he tried to pretend his whole life that he hated it – in fact, he was really just very health conscious and had been told (as we all were) that butter is a “bad fat” and should be avoided. […]

Should I drink juice to lose weight? The hidden problems with juicing

I do not drink juice. In fact, I am afraid of juice. In general, I do not like to drink my calories, therefore I avoid milky coffees, milkshakes, smoothies and juices. Wine – I drink – but I factor the calories into my daily calorie allowance. Despite the hype, drinking wine does not add too […]

1200 calories a day is a lie? Fat chance!

LIE #1: Focusing on calorie counting alone is a shallow and harmful approach to health and nutrition. LIE #2: If you reach starvation mode it means your body realises it is not getting enough food (calories). It thinks that you are starving and slows down your metabolism in order to conserve energy. LIE #3: If […]