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Update: As of late 2019 I am not able to find the time to do as many dream readings as I would like, but please get in touch using the forms below and I will try my best to interpret your dream. There is no charge.

A dream analysis might help you understand yourself more deeply. Our dreams are the mysterious indications of our deeper self and subconscious, trying to get through to us. Only you can truly interpret your dreams – but I can show you the way with a dream analysis.

We spend 30% of our lives asleep – and we are given symbols and messages in our dreams every night.

These come from our subconscious, and also from our Spirit Guides. Dreams can truly point us in the direction of our higher purpose – they are not meaningless or random. A dream analysis can point you in the direction of your deeper goals.

I have studied dream theories and symbols for years. I am a qualified dream symbol teacher who has previously studied astral projection, dream symbology, mindfulness mediation and how to remember your dreams. A dream analysis is only a step away.

Have you had a reoccurring dream that you’d like to uncover the meaning to? Has a dream symbol been popping up more frequently than usual? Have you been upset, mystified or thrilled with a particular dream and want to know what it means?

Alyce Vayle is here to help you.


Get a Dream Analysis

Dream symbology is not an exact science, but with meditation, understanding of symbols and learning to remember your dreams you can find the answers to some of life’s big questions.

I do not charge money for dream interpretation – you may have a reading by donation. A dream analysis should never break the bank. If you have been asking, “What does my dream mean?” let’s explore together. Learn what your dreams mean. Read How to remember your dreams in 7 foolproof steps to get started on a self dream analysis.

How a Dream Symbol Reading works:

Fill in the form below and answer my 3 questions with short paragraphs. I do not charge for my dream readings as only you can truly interpret your dreams, I can help you with symbology. I used to be able to interpret more dreams but I am very busy now, so I don’t have much time.

“And he said to me, “What do you see?” And I answered, “I see a flying scroll; its length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits.”

Do you want to analyse your dream?

I do not charge for my dream readings as only you can truly interpret your dreams. If you fill out the form below, I will try to get to you soon.


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Discover the callings of your higher self with a free dream analysis to uncover the hidden symbols in your dreams. Learn about dream symbology.