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Part 2: Freelance jobs to earn you money

Want to make an extra bit of cash on the side? Here are jobs you can freelance on the side that are always in demand. Check these jobs out – some are unusual freelance jobs that you might not have considered – or even heard of! All these jobs can be done from anywhere in the world.

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Part 1: Your complete guide to freelancing

To be successful as a freelancer you need to set yourself up the right way. Here is part 1 of my 3 part series all about freelancing. Read about how to get set up, what to expect and the hidden challenges you might encounter.

Convince yourself that you are great | Career affirmations

Convince yourself that you are great with career affirmations

Could career affirmations help you to get the job you’ve always deserved? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut in our professional lives and we feel that we are not being awarded the status and rank that we deserve, and that we’ve been working towards. What can we do about this? Do you feel “negative” […]

Video Marketing: The Content Trend That’s Not Going Away

Video marketing: the content trend that’s not going away

Video marketing; could it work for you? Over the last few years, video marketing has taken the marketing world by storm. More than ever before, video content became the hottest weapon in a content strategist’s arsenal. The good news for online marketers was that they could utilise videos to let their creative ideas. A while […]

Quick ways to heal your relationship with money

Do you need to heal your relationship with money? So many people I know have a bad relationship with money; they spend too much, don’t earn enough, are in debt and bury their heads in the sand; refusing to acknowledge the problem. And the worst thing is – their problems are snowballing every day. A […]

Working From Home Hacks You Need To Know | 4 Tips

Working from home hacks you need to know | 4 Tips

Working from home can be a challenge, right? As with most things in life there’s a recipe for being focused, just like there’s a recipe for being unfocused. Productivity is one of the many challenges you might encounter. Think about it, if you have the ingredients of kids screaming in the background, with a laptop […]

Residential Signage: Use Your Home To Advertise Your Product Or Service

Residential signage: use your home to advertise your product or service

Residential signage: Could it work for your small business? I saw something that piqued my interest in my local neighborhood the other day. A local person in my neighborhood, had placed a few signs up around his residential property, saying, “Camera Repairs”. Then he had more signs pointing to his workshop out the back. “What […]

Should A Woman Open A Business in a Male-Dominated Industry?

Should a woman open a business in a male-dominated industry?

There are quite a few male-dominated industries out there. Construction. Tech. Logistics. Engineering. These sectors all have something in common: if you asked the average person on the street who would own companies that work in these sectors, that person would probably expect the entrepreneur to be male, despite the advances of modern feminism. It […]

3 Easy Ways To Create A Comfortable Workplace

3 Easy ways to create a comfortable workplace

What makes a comfortable workplace, and why is this essential? When you manage to create a comfortable workplace, it tends to have the effect of improving worker morale in the business immediately, and it also makes for a much nicer place to work on the whole. There are studies online that indicate that a comfortable […]

4 Ways to Infuse Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Your Small Business

4 Ways to infuse corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your small business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the initiatives a business takes to assess responsibility for the effects it has on environmental and social wellbeing. In today’s business climate, corporate social responsibility plays a more crucial role than ever before, with studies revealing that millennials wish to work at businesses that are regarded as responsible and ethical. […]

How to Improve Your Business By Developing Strong Mental Skills

How to improve your business by developing strong mental skills

Mental skills are something that we can (and should) develop, as these can improve many areas of our lives, including our business and work life. If you want to better your business opportunities, there are so many different mental skills you can develop; and many other free, progressive things you can do with just a […]

The 3 Things You Need to Know To Be Your Own Boss

The 3 things you need to know to be your own boss

Want to be your own boss? Many people these days want to be their own boss and in this digital age, it has never been so easy – yet being your own boss takes dedication and perseverance. Many millennials were taught from a young age that they could do whatever they wanted to do when […]

How to Use the Sharing Economy for Your Business

How to use the sharing economy for your business

Have you heard of the sharing economy? This is what we know as a “hybrid market” which involves a model of a “peer-to-peer exchange”. This will usually be facilitated via community-based online services. “Uberization” is also a common term for this modern phenomenon. But the sharing economy is really nothing new. Businesses have always had […]

Weird & Easy Ways to Run a Greener Business

Weird & easy ways to run a greener business

Do you aspire to run a greener business? Well, you should! When it comes to looking after the environment, each one of us needs to do our bit – and this means that your business should get some attention for its environmental impact. Ready to run a greener business? It may sound dramatic but it’s […]