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Part 2: Freelance jobs to earn you money

Looking for freelance jobs, but not sure where to start? There are so many freelance jobs you can now do from home – or anywhere in the world – with only an internet connection. Many of us require more flexibility from their jobs. You might be a new parent, studying, travelling or have other personal or professional commitments that mean the regular 9 to 5 may not suit you.

So, what types of people can freelance and what types of freelance work opportunities are out there? And lastly, how do you go about securing a freelancing gig? Working from home, or anywhere in the world could be a great way to have a great work-life balance. There are just so many options out there!

Here are the top 16 freelance jobs to earn you money

How to Take Your Freelancing Business to the Next Level

Here are a range of unusual freelance jobs that you might not have ever considered. Think outside the box and explore some of the options around you.

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#1: Travel blogger

Yes, you can do this job from anywhere – that is, anywhere you have an internet connection! I have a friend who runs an absolutely beautiful travel blog. She travels the world, looking fabulous and works with loads of excellent sponsors and collaborators. Check out her blog for tips on how she travels the world and gets paid for it! Remember that you’ll need to consider tax implications and other issues such as superannuation and insurance where you live.

#2: Makeup reviewer

Do you love makeup? Could you use it as your niche for a great blog? You don’t have to fit the stereotype; there are now makeup bloggers who are male, who are culturally diverse and even kids who are blogging about makeup (I’m not really a fan of kids wearing makeup – but as a “bit of fun” I guess it’s ok!) Blogging does take time and effort but once you work out a format that works for you (video, text etc.) then you might be able to voice your opinions with others who share your interests.

#3: Logo designer

Kickstart Your Freelance Career with A Freelance Writing Job from Writerweb

If you have graphic design skills, then you might be able to find some work as a logo designer. A good logo and a rebranding exercise can run into tens of thousands of dollars for a company, but all types of businesses need logos – large and small. Companies such as Fiverr are connecting graphic designers and the small to medium businesses that need them. You might want to showcase your work on Behance.

#4: Interpreter

Interpreters are people who convert what people say or write from one language to the other. Many interpreters have proven to be invaluable in many fields, from the academe to the medical field and in the business field. You can buy books on translation as some of them list translation companies that are well known. Create a resume on online databases like LinkedIn. You can also try to hire the services of a headhunter; or placement services that can do the job search for you.

#5: Website reviewer

You heard that Facebook is planning on making community pages “paid”? This is because online moderators now perform such a major and busy job, that it makes sense that they should be able to charge people to join their pages and view their content. “Facebook will now let group administrators start charging $4.99 to $29.99 a month for exclusive membership in certain groups,” says The Verge. This means that if you are looking for work as a moderator, many new options may soon open up for you. Some unusual freelance jobs might be very lucrative.

#6: Link builder

So, what is linkbuilding? Basically Google ranks websites based on trust. The more trusted a website is, the higher its ranking. This is given in a score out of 100. Examples of websites with high domain authority or DA are Facebook, Wikipedia, The New York Times and government sites. Linkbuilders work between websites to build relationships between content and website creators. The good ones build trusted links in what’s known as a “white hat” strategy. If you want to learn more about linkbuilding, head to this article from MOZ, as they’re regarded as SEO experts.

#7: T shirt designer

Yep, here is one of the another unusual freelance jobs people never think of. Now because of drop shipping, you can become a t-shirt store without holding any stock, or employing any staff. Companies such as Shopify have built in platforms where you can sell your designs directly to your fans; and it’s getting easier and easier. “For many entrepreneurs, starting an online t-shirt brand is a great and inexpensive way to start an online business, whether it’s your first, second, or tenth business,” explains Shopify. There are many companies.

#8: Photographer

Unusual Freelance Jobs You Can Work From Home (Or Anywhere!)

Do you like taking photos? Do you have decent personal equipment that sets you apart from the rest? There are many sites online where you can share your photos with a wider audience and then on-sell them for a set rate. is site you can join, whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, to get your photos in front of people that want to buy them. You can receive payment via PayPal and registering and listing your photos is free. iStock Photo is another place you can sell your photography, and you’ll earn a royalty rate of 15% for each photo of yours that is downloaded.

If you like to take photographs as a hobby, you may be able to make some money from this passion. You may be able to sell photographs to publications whether it be local newspapers, nature magazines or music publications. Alternatively, you could get paid to shoot someone’s wedding. You may even be able to take professional portrait photos for people. Then of course there’s the whole photo editing side of photographer which is a sought after skill.

#9: Copywriter

Probably one of the most well-known ways to gain freelance work is via writing. has many types of freelance work available and has a specific page set up for writers. This is where individuals and businesses list jobs they need writers for, and there are many different types of projects on offer, from large to small, and language/region specific. Also check out where you’ll find a job board of listings.

#10: Odd jobs

5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side

One of the newer ways to make money if you’re handy with a toolbox is Airtasker. This is a great site where people list odd jobs that need to be done and freelancers bid for the work. There are all types of jobs listed there from handyman work, to pick up and delivery services to cleaning and even furniture assembly. Jobs range from small “one off” tasks to casual and part-time arrangements. is another great site, totally based in Australia.

#11: Graphic design

There are many great graphic design portfolio and showcase websites online where graphic designers at all levels can upload their work and skill profile. The Loop is very popular and also contains a job board with hundreds of design gigs up for grabs. Another great site is LocalSolo, a website where designers can hook up with big businesses and contact them directly and agree on a set rate and project scope.

#12: Digital marketing

Every business no matter how big or small needs to be marketed throughout its sales cycle to attract new business and customers. If you have marketing skills, why not try to freelance those out to companies and small businesses that can use them? Freelancer and oDesk both have pages devoted to matching various marketers with companies and brands that need marketing services. One of the advantages of these services (and freelancing in general) is that you can undertake these jobs and/or roles from anywhere in the world, often working at a time and pace that suits your own needs.

#13: Social media manager

5 Jobs That You Can Freelance on the Side

These days social media is big business and companies are increasingly seeing the importance of a social media strategy and management, whether they are large or small. Often companies will set up several social media channels and platforms and fail to realise just how much maintenance is involved in capturing and growing an audience. If you love social media and have a knack for business, look to PeoplePerHour or FlexJobs, both of which have dedicated pages to connect social media professionals to companies that need them.

#14: Business administration

Love to get people and businesses organised? It’s never been easier to do this remotely. There are admin professionals all over Australia who do this kind of work, often for several clients simultaneously. One particular company may only have a few hours of work that needs to be completed each week, such as diary coordination; online filing and data sorting; booking flights, meeting rooms and accommodation; and even help with presentations and reporting. Check out Guru or Australia-specific Ozlance.

#14: Content writer

Writers are needed in all aspects of life, whether it be helping to market a product or provide and news and information. You could become a guest writer on other people’s blogs for cash or start your own blog and monetise it through ads and affiliate marketing. You may even be able to charge money for reviews and press releases. Writing has so many topics within it from fashion writing to travel writing to tech writing – choose the area that you’re passionate about to ensure that you enjoy what you’re writing about.

#15: Bespoke artisan products and crafts

Don’t let those practical craft skills go to waste. Selling handmade items can be big business whether you’re creating jewellery, carving walking sticks, crocheting blankets, producing pottery or painting artwork. Sites like Etsy are great for selling handmade items. You may also be able to set up a stall at a local market or provide your crafts to a local shop or market trader allowing you to focus on craft part. Don’t forget to also set up your own Facebook page where you can establish a following. Do it at your own pace so that it remains as much of passion as it is a moneymaking opportunity.

#16: Home services

People need others to look after their pets and children. You may be able to find people locally by asking around. Alternatively, there are sites online where you can find out about local opportunities. You may be able to find someone who is willing to take on your care services on a contract basis. Just think outside the box! Other services that people need are mail delivery/collection, pet feeding, home-monitoring and cleaning services. Here’s how to start your own cleaning business.

Earn money by freelancing

Finding a job where you can freelance on the side is everyone’s dream. Have you wanted to work in a freelance job? Want to make an extra bit of cash on the side? There are plenty of freelance jobs out there that you needn’t be tied to. The list above is just a start on some of those jobs that are always in demand.

Read the series: Part 1: Your complete guide to freelancing

Part 2: Freelance jobs to earn you money | What jobs can I freelance?
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Part 2: Freelance jobs to earn you money | What jobs can I freelance?
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