The Art Of Switching Off And Why It’s Become So Hard

The art of switching off and why it’s become so hard

Switching off has become very hard; I am sure you feel this way too. These days, we are so constantly “switched on” that every waking moment feels like a competition for our attention. We have multiple devices to deal with, often multiple email and phone numbers, dozens of apps like WhatsApp and Google Hangouts pinging […]

How To Teach The Whole Family To Meditate | Family Meditation

How to teach the whole family to meditate | Family meditation

Family meditation is something that you should consider if you want to welcome more peace, happiness and calm into your family life. Many people say that hate meditation, but there are ways to get around that with a bit of perseverance. In truth, meditation is both difficult and easy, depending on your mindset. Much like […]

The Power of a Bali Yoga Retreat and Your Relaxation

The power of a Bali yoga retreat and your relaxation

Thinking of heading to a Bali yoga retreat? The Boyf and I absolutely love Bali, which is part of beautiful Indonesia. Personally, I have been to Bali about 6 times, and always loved it. As a kid I went with my parents, as a twenty-something, I went a few times with groups of friends and […]

How to Deal with Sadness: Looking After Your Mental Health

How to deal with sadness: looking after your mental health

When you really need to deal with sadness you can be lost for ideas of how to “fix yourself” when things go wrong, or when you feel sad. Every new week brings a fresh set of challenges for you, even when you really feel like you need a break. It is crucial that you try and […]

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self | Sage

How to Cast a Spell: to Change and Improve an Aspect of The Self

Ever tried to cast a spell? I have to admit it, but I used to cast spells when I was younger. I don’t do it anymore because a few of them worked and the results were not ideal. One man I wanted to fall in love with me is still in love with me but […]

5 Ways to Connect with the Tarot for Personal Development tarot cards and crystals and smudge sticks

5 Ways to Connect with the Tarot for Personal Development

Looking to work with the Tarot for Personal Development? Tarot cards are often a fact of fascination. If you start using them, you can get connected with the 78 cards, and get to know the individual meaning and symbolism of each. You can quickly build a personal connection with your tarot cards, and you can […]

How to find and talk to your spiritual guides

They are there, somewhere. I have been told that every religion believes in angels, in one way or another. You would certainly be hard-pressed to find any major religions that don’t believe that there are Beings out there that do not take on the physical forms we can see and touch. I believe that there […]

view of blue mountains from blackheath lookout new south wales

What to expect and what to bring to Vipassana meditation Blackheath

Are you wondering what to bring to Vipassana? If you feel “called” to go to a 10 day silent mediation retreat at Blackheath, Blue Mountains then I strongly urge you to go. Vipassana at Blackheath is guided by S.N. Goenka, who has now passed away. Vipassana is a Buddhist meditation practice, but can be undertaken […]

How to control an obsession when something is driving you crazy

Is something driving you crazy? Is there something that is bothering you so much that you can barely think of anything else? Human beings have an amazing power to obsess over things. For example, even David Beckham has said that he likes to make sure his fridge is so organised that all his soft drink […]

5 best natural energy boosters you can do right NOW

Today I feel OK but there are many days when I wake up tired and feel like I have next to no energy at all. I have heard a theory that all humans (and indeed, all living things) have a finite amount of energy each day. When this is used up, we feel drained and […]

New ways of dealing with anxiety and depression

I found an article from a UK author who has been quoted in the media quite a bit lately, speaking about new, alternative therapies for people to deal with anxiety and depression. He said: “My so-called mental health problems were restored by a new generation of therapies, such as sensorimotor psychotherapy, somatic experiencing and EMDR […]

Making meditation fun: meditation on a spiritual place

It’s time for me to talk to you about meditation. In case you don’t know, you should be doing it every day. What – you don’t? That’s OK – neither do I. If you are aware of the fact that you should be meditating – this is a good start. It’s not that hard – […]

Multi-tasking vs. Mediation: Don’t Get Stuck in a Trap

My brain has been like Swiss cheese lately. My attention span is shocking and I can barely concentrate on one task for more than a few seconds. I am totally serious. I blame this on contemporary social media. I blame this on multi-tasking. I blame this on modern life. And we are losing our valuable […]

Casting Spells: Spiritual Mistake or Are They OK?

There are quite a few new-age witches about these days, particularly on the internet. It doesn’t take long to find ‘love spells’ and ‘money spells’ online. Remember the book The Secret? Total utter materialistic codswallop if you ask me, but yes, I bought the damn thing. I am not the only blogger who thought The […]