16 Signs Your Clothes Are Wearing You

You know the type! A sexy, gorgeous girl leaves the house looking and feeling great – or at least she thinks she does! Everything about her outfit is appearing fresh and fine, her accessories are coordinated, her brands are on-trend, her look is unconventional and yet thought-out…but something is still wrong. But what?

Don’t be this girl: her look is wearing her!

We’ve all seen girls like these! Sometimes they are our classmates, sometimes they are our colleagues, sometimes they are our best friends and sometimes they are even us? Who are they?

The Fashion-Victims who let their clothes wear them…

…rather than the other way around! Yes, it’s true, if you are not careful, you might find that the look you have been so keen to get right is actually wrong. In fact, it looks as if the outfit itself is taking you over and not allowing the real you to shine. Here is Alyce’s Trend How-To. We’ll show you how to make a trend work for you, rather than wear you!

Alyce’s Trend How-To:

Make sure clothes are well-fitting: there’s nothing worse than too tight or too loose clothing. To look your best, make sure that items fit well and are made of natural fabrics where possible.

Make sure you mix high and low: to really be on-trend it’s vital to mix up your brands and not become over-loyal to a particular label or style. Mix high street and low street, and new with vintage.

Don’t forget to accessorize: your look will be underdone and not quite finished unless you take a few extra minutes to add effective accessories. Jewellery, bag, shoes, rings/earrings and other items all complete your look.

Good nails and hair make a difference: these things really are the icing on your fashion cake. If you can spend a bit of time making sure that your hair and nails are neat, healthy, glowing and looked-after, it will make you feel like a million dollars with ease!

Switch up your look every week, every season: you cannot be on-trend by staying the same! Experiment with your look and try new things. Be bold and be different, if you get it wrong, there’s always tomorrow. Don’t be afraid, fashion is supposed to be fun!

Don’t be afraid of being different: this is the most important point to being on-trend. To be truly on-trend, you need to be in front of the pack, picking up the trends before the rest of the crowd. Be innovative. Be experimental.

Alyce’s 10 Point Trend How-To Cheat Sheet

How to determine if a trend fits with your style aesthetic:

  1. Do all elements of your outfit fit you well?
  2. Do all elements of your outfit suit the formality of the occasion?
  3. Do all elements of the outfit suit the weather?
  4. Did you wear anything similar last week?
  5. Will your outfits clash/too closely match your friends’?
  6. Have you spent some time on your hair?
  7. Does your bag match your outfit?
  8. Are you comfortable?
  9. Have you included at least 2 classic pieces and at least 1 on-trend piece?
  10. Look in the mirror one last time – remove one accessory

Now you’re good to go! Have fun!

“What are you wearing this season? Leave a comment and let us know!” 

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