The Fashion Mistakes I Made in My Youth: A Confession

I like clothes and I also like to change up my look. Over the years I have worn many different looks. When I was 17 I went through a phase where I would only wear primary colours, red, yellow and blue. Then I realised how ridiculously restrictive this was and I acquiesced to adding white and black. I looked like a giant Smurf.

From hippy to corporate

Then I decided to go all corporate. This was because I was friends with all the hippies and we tried to outdo each other as to who could care the least about their appearance. The oldest, dirtiest, most hole-filled cardigan would become the most prized item of clothing and would be shared around the group, changing owners each time we had a ‘large’ night. The only way to shock these hippies was to start wearing collared shirts and shoes with laces – it worked. I was the most shockingly dressed of all.

Looking like trailer trash

this is a photo of Alyce in a tshirt

Then I moved to the Gold Coast and my style morphed into glam, tacky, Gold Coast kitsch. I had my fair share of stacked sneakers and I was known to wear two braids (plaits we call them in Oz) in my hair. I liked Barbie hats and socks and I made my own plastic handbags decorated in mushrooms. I know. I was totally hawt.

Funky giant pants

Things on the rocks with my boyfriend at the time, I dyed my blonde hair brown and cut it all off. Ugh – big mistake. I started wearing really ridiculous clothes; giant pants. I mean pants so big, you had to lift them as ladies in the 1880s had to lift their petticoats as they walked up stairs. These pants also had about 15 pockets down each leg, all of which were fairly inaccessible and had to be opened by pulling apart industrial-strength Velcro and untying knots and undoing zips. I even had hats with holes in the top where I could pull sections of my hair through so I looked like a Japanese anime character.

Heels maketh the woman

Breaking up with him, I ended up with a very rich, much older man who demanded that I fix my dreadful appearance. Trips to the hairdresser and shopping sprees at Wayne Cooper followed, along with an unhealthy dash of demand and control. I looked better than I ever have, but it’s easy to look sexy when you’re standing in $800 Fendi shoes.

My look today

this is a photo of Alyce wearning a red top

These days I wear the same thing all the time: I wear very, very skinny jeans. They are so tight it’s like pulling a condom off my legs at the end of the day. Then I wear flat boots. I have very little time for heels now because I don’t have a car and I walk everywhere. Then I have a nice blow dry. My hair is super long at the moment and I need to spend about 40 minutes on it every second day. It’s worth it. Then I wear a backpack and leather jacket. I love American Apparel backpacks, despite the one in this blog post breaking three times. I find their quality to be patchy.

alyce in jeans

Dressing for work

The only thing that changes is my top. If I am at work, I wear something presentable. I try to look neat and clean, and like I have spent some time on my appearance. If someone important asks me a question – I want to look neat and tidy. This helps me to look like I know what I am talking about. Remember how neat and tidy Einstein always was? That is the look I am going for. If it’s a weekend I like to wear printed tees or groovy singlets, topped off with a chambray or army shirt these days because it’s cold.

And one last thing – don’t forget!

Jewellery! Since working in a French jewellery shop at age 18, I have always adored and loved jewellery. Before leaving the house, I make sure I add on the little extras that make my outfit complete. Today it’s a single feather earring in my left ear, along with my regular rings, bangle and simple necklace. I personally love cuffs – and I own lots of them in leather, wood and silver.


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