Do men like women with plastic surgery?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard of Kim and Kanye. Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known women on the planet and is regarded by many as “naturally beautiful.” She has never admitted openly to having plastic surgery although there is lots of speculation about whether she has or she hasn’t. But did you know that her husband, Kanye West had a very personal and heartbreaking run in with cosmetic surgery – to the point where it really affected his life?

The death of Kanye’s mother, Donda West, was due to radical plastic surgery

Back in 2007, tragically, the rapper’s mother died after receiving a combination breast reduction and tummy tuck. This caused her to suffer uncontrolled bleeding after going home to recover from what some reports called a ‘radical procedure’. She was 58.

According to The Daily News, her doctor, Dr Andre Aboolian of Beverly Hills said, “Donda was pushing me, ‘Can I go home after surgery?’ But I told her it just doesn’t work that way.”

According to Aboolian, “The most dangerous time after surgery is the first 48 hours. I told her you have to go to an overnight care facility with nurses who look after you.” Kanye appealed for privacy at the time and there have been reports in the media since that he has warned spouse Kim off having excessive surgery because of this tragic turn of events.

How common is death in cosmetic surgery?

The Daily News goes on to point out that death from plastic surgery is relatively rare, giving the figure of one death per 51459 operations. But that’s not the full story.

There have been many deaths worldwide reported due to complications from plastic surgery. There is a whole Wikipedia category that deals with deaths due to plastic or cosmetic surgery and there are many articles online such as this one. The article deals with the death of model Isel Pineda after her doctor, Dr. Oleg Davie killed her during a botched liposuction procedure when he ignored her medical records which showed she’d undergone a heart transplant. The case received quite a bit of attention and involved TV’s Dr Oz.

A quarter of men want their partner to have cosmetic surgery

The Daily Mail reported about a study of 1248 British men where the results showed that 24% of them said they’d like their partner to have a nip and tuck, but that they wouldn’t admit it to them! Liposuction was high on the wish-list, as was breast augmentation (boob jobs).

Will women divorce their partners after having plastic surgery?

I read a report about a woman who decided to divorce her husband after gaining so much confidence after getting plastic surgery. “As soon as she got the boobs she started wearing very revealing shirts, going to clubs dancing with friends, drinking a lot. All of which are out of character for her,” according to online poster christy007.

Beauty Nova reports that up to 40% of women leave their partners after having plastic surgery. From a survey by Grazia, “Of those  considering going under the knife, 64% thought that it would give them more confidence, 42% wanted to look younger and 13% admitted that they wanted to look more attractive to men.”

The article goes on to say that lots of men fear that their partners will leave them after surgery – which could really, really sting if they were the ones to finance the operation.

Do men think women over 40 should go under the knife?

According to the Daily Mail, a woman called Louise Van Der Velde runs a relationship therapy centre in London. She’s now 41 and says that, “women only have themselves to blame if their man cheats” and that “ladies should get plastic surgery to stay desirable.”

The publication reports that Louise said, “I think for the people who do want to have a monogamous relationship – the women are very quick to point the finger. They say that their husband is messing about and he’s left them for someone else, but I think it is absolutely the woman’s responsibility when they have let themselves go over the years.”

Louise mentions that she lived in Spain for 15 years and women in that country often let themselves go at 50 from eating cakes and bread. “I actively encourage my clients to get plastic surgery and it’s received fairly well,” she says.


So do men like women who have had plastic surgery?

I found a few interesting threads online, including this one from Reddit. The field was fairly mixed, some people saying that they would support their partners in getting it and others saying the opposite.

A poster called Pharmakoza says, “Depends on how much and what. I’m on the fence about plastic surgery. On one hand, it can cure people of some deep-set insecurities and make them more attractive. On the other hand, it might create some sort of beauty arms race if plastic surgery becomes accepted.”

He goes on to say, “I also don’t like the idea that beauty can be bought and sold, thus falling into the domain of the wealthy. Truth be told, I’m only going to be with a girl who is pretty enough for me to be attracted to.”

Another poster called n0ggy said, “I can understand it to an extent. Especially when it’s about fixing ONE thing that really ruins your face like a very weak chin, elephant ears or an ugly nose.” But he said that some “maintenance procedures” like Botox and fillers could be a deal breaker.

“I’m not a fan of ‘maintaining youth’ plastic surgery such as lifting or lip injection,” he said.

What Alyce thinks

Well – if you’re reading this and considering plastic surgery – I say you’re a fool. Spend the money on something more useful. Boob jobs make you look fat, nose jobs affect your breathing, Botox makes you look weird and facelifts are unpredictable.

Of course – that’s just my opinion. You can do what you like. Remember also that these clinics are private practices. They will make money off your plastic surgery. Their business thrives on people’s insecurities and they will play on these because it makes them money.

I think you’re beautiful just as you are.

Please leave your comment below and I would love to hear what both men and women think on this topic.

Magazine photo by Ray Sawhill many thanks!

  1. Deb
    April 25, 2019

    Some people have nose jobs to correct previous botched surgeries, many of which were undertaken to address breathing issues (deviated septum,) and I highly doubt many women who have had boob jobs would appreciate you calling them “fat.” No personal offense, but your comments resonate with the “mean girl” persona.

    1. April 30, 2019

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I totally agree that there is a time and place for surgery, and if it’s genuinely being done to relieve any sort of pain, then I’m all for it. I think your comment about me being a bit of a “mean girl” about breast implants making women look fat is also fair enough. However, if you search the term – you’ll see thousands of results, meaning people really care about this issue. Many people are now getting explants because they just don’t like how their body looks with implants, and as you know, our bodies all change with time.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!
      Love, Alyce

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  4. Ally
    August 26, 2019

    It’s so hypocrital for men to say that women shouldn’t get plastic surgery . Look at the porn 99 percent of men are watching . The vast majority of those women are full of silicon and have had loads of plastic surgery or are so young and childless they LOOK like they have . Once a woman has your children and spent her best twenty years being your wife a scarless stomach or wrinkles face is impossible without surgery . So perhaps think about that whilst your twiddling to twenty year old barbie and your wife is saying she wants a facelift . And before you all say oh but I’m with you and if I wanted a twenty year old barbie I’d be with one . No no no . Your not with the barbie because your. Any get one and that makes us feel totally used ! If your woman wants surgery think about what your doing to make her feel that way and being more supportive instead of being a jerk

    1. August 28, 2019

      Hi Ally,

      Thanks so much for your comments and yes, I totally agree with you. There is an argument that surgery “gives people confidence” and I honestly think this is not true. Surgeries just set you up for more dissatisfaction, and more surgeries down the line. There are few universal truths but one we cannot escape is “getting older”. There is beauty to be found in our imperfections.
      Love, Alyce

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