Hookers Who Regress With Child-like Fashion Choices

I live in the red light district of Sydney, Australia. It is known as Kings Cross, but even many Sydneysiders don’t know that Kings Cross is not a suburb – it is merely the name of the train station and a nickname for the district. I love where I live because it is very bohemian, and always was. The area is made up of yuppies, hookers, junkies, suburban mums and dads and it backs on to one of the best known gay districts in the world, Oxford St, Darlinghurst where the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is held every year.

Lots of us love The Cross

Another thing I just found out is that Kings Cross is the most densely populated in Australia, with almost 20,000 people living within a 1.4 km² (0.55 mi²) area. That’s amazing. Previously I have lived in the area of Australia that is the least densely populated in the world. In the Northern Territory, every square kilometre holds just 0.2 people. Never been to the Never Never? Get your arse there, mate. It is truly one of the most beautiful and spiritual places on earth. Get a room with aircon.

Botswana is busier than Australia

Overall, Australia’s population density is 2.9 people per square kilometre, making it one of the least densely populated countries in the world – only Mongolia, Western Sahara, Suriname, Mauritania and Botswana have fewer people per square kilometre than Australia.


Hookers in my street. Well, they’re not actually in MY street, I live in a nice street away from the main drag but The Boyf still laments having to walk over suspicious looking trickles on the footpaths on Sunday morning. I am less bothered by this but admittedly inner-city-dense living is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But I digress.

I have noticed that some of the working girls (and no, they’re not in marketing or admin) seem to go out of their way to infantilize their clothing, wearing pigtails, lots of sugary pink, glitter, feathers and knee socks. These are ladies who are often on the wrong side of 40, so I find their clothing choices quite odd.

I wonder if they are regressing into some sort of lost childhood? I may be over analysing things here but I do see a tendency for some of the hookers in my area to cling to their girlish pasts. Perhaps this is a way of getting more customers? Perhaps the ingénue, Lolita, or schoolgirl look garners more clients?

I am not sure, but I’ll wager no. Honestly I think a paying john would prefer a nice pair of heels to a couple of grotty pigtails tied up with baby pink marabou. I think this child-like dressing is representative of something within themselves that they are trying to express.

On a recent walk (not in my neighborhood), I walked past a slightly overweight, middle-aged woman (who was clearly not a hooker, just an office cubicle-worker, I guess). She looked like she did not look after herself at all, putting herself last. She was wearing a loose pair of cheap black slacks, the kind you might get from a faceless discount chain store, teamed with a top that was more like a sack than something she intended to look good. Thrown over this mess was a baggy black cardigan and unstyled hair and a face devoid of even the merest hint of makeup.

Yep, clearly I was not impressed.

However, this woman had taken the time to add a single accessory. What do you think it was? It was a long chain around her neck with a dangling charm. The charm was a big teddy bear.

It got me thinking. What makes a forty year old woman pick out a necklace with an infant’s toy on it? What is her message to the world?

“I love teddy bears!” It seemed to say.

Was it saying on another level

“I want to feel nurtured!” or “I want to regress to my childhood!”

Sex, Porn and My American Apparel Backpack

And I am doing it too. You will be relieved to hear that I am not regressing to my childhood. I always felt frustrated as a child, I always felt like an adult. I would get annoyed that my opinions were not valued (of course they weren’t – I was a little kid!) and I yearned for the freedom and power of earning my own money and making my own decisions.

Lately I have been dressing a bit more like a teenager, I guess. Often I have to pull myself up and remind myself that I am too old for zombie jewellery and arbitrary legwarmers. However, I can still get away with a backpack. I have been wearing one wherever I go. It is important to dress appropriately and dress your age, or you could end up a bit Miley Cyrus. The poor thing. I really like Miley but cavorting with giant cuddly toys (at the MTV VMAs) is both regressive and weird.

She knows what she’s doing though. I love how the media has been reporting that people felt “violated” by her performance. That is the biggest danger of dressing incorrectly – you make others feel uncomfortable.

Remember, we get dressed to get along in the world, to show respect for others. It’s important to make some effort to look presentable and appropriate. Dressing well is not just about you. It’s about others. Make other people feel comfortable to be around you.

Unless you’re Miley Cyrus or  Kings Cross hooker.


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