Why you should absolutely love Australia’s gorgeous problem child, Lara Bingle

Have you heard? Lara Bingle is in the USA – in fact, she has been back and forth there quite a bit with her sexy Aussie actor boyfriend. This gorgeous celebrity is one of my favourites, so I thought it was high time I blogged about her. So who is Lara Bingle? According to Wikipedia: […]

Do women really find older men attractive?

Are older men attractive? Sigh. I have dated lots of older men, in fact, with the exception of my beloved The Boyf (who is annoyingly 2 years younger than me – as he so often likes to remind me) I have almost always dated older men. A little discussion on what makes older men attractive […]

The tragic early death of Peaches Geldof and why it upset me so much

I feel enormously sad when someone dies tragically before their time. That is what has happened to the beautiful Peaches Geldof. I once wrote a post about her and it’s been one of my most popular. I know that people love her, I loved her. When I turned on the TV this morning I was […]

What should you order on a first date and who should pay?

It has been a very long time since I went on a first date but I have been on many in my time. I remember in my youth, sitting opposite a teenaged date of mine who had just had a cappuccino – he spent the entire date with a chocolate moustache and I was too […]

The pain and glory of Valentine’s Day

In Australia, we don’t have men, we have blokes. If you google the word ‘bloke’ you just get a definition that it means the same as ‘man’ but in a more casual way. How are Australian men regarded overseas? I think most people would think that Australian men are a bit like Crocodile Dundee or […]

What is the Most Attractive Age For Men and For Women?

What is the Most Attractive Age For Men and For Women?

It’s a question we are all wondering.  Is there a “most attractive” age for men and women? Is the age the same or different for males and females? Luckily for me, there are many studies done on this subject, so I was able to find lots of statistics on what the most attractive age is. […]

Withholding Sex: is it Ever OK? The Difference Between Men and Women

Do you do it? Have you ever had a partner do it to you? There is a common social misconception that only women withhold sex, but of course this is not true. In fact, if you enter the term into your search engine, you’ll find that all the searched articles relate to women withholding sex […]

How to Be Charming (Yes, You)

I have a thing for charmers. Male or female, superior or subordinate. Lover or neighbour. I love a charmer. I am also very charming myself. A typical Libran, I can usually get what I want in life because I know how to turn on the charm. For a while. As well as this, I have […]

When Does Sadness Become Depression?

I just got nothing today. Nothing at all. This is not a post about writer’s block, this is a post about emptiness. I feel like life has lost its lustre, but I can’t be too despondent here because I don’t want to cry. I want to be positive. It’s really hard to keep looking on […]

How Long Does it Take to Get Over a Break Up? | Getting over your ex

How Long Does it Take to Get Over a Break Up?

I have been avoiding a break up for the past ten years. Basically I never got over my very first love, who I split with by the time I was only 22. Since then I have had several long-term relationships, but I always kept my partners at arm’s length. I had a five year relationship […]

What Makes a Man Hot? The Definitive List

Men. Blokes. Dudes. Bros. I love ‘em and I hate ‘em… but mostly I find them irresistible, provided they play by my rules (ok this has never happened to date, but I remain staunchly optimistic!). Recently, I uncovered an old diary where I listed what I find attractive and unattractive in a man, and since […]

Men with Beards: Why I Love ‘Em!

Beards, they are everywhere at the moment. Do you love them? Loathe them? Do you have one? I personally have always loved facial hair, from sideburns to moustaches to full beards and mutton chops, I’m a massive fan of unruly man-hair. I’m not really sure why – I think it’s probably because I am not […]

How Many People Have You Slept With? Here’s the Number You Should Give.

This one seems to crop up quite a bit, and it shouldn’t. Like asking a woman’s age, or a man’s penis size, there are certain questions which are just plain rude. Yes, I have been asked the question a few times, and I no qualms about not telling the truth with this particular information request […]

Your Secret Messages: What Your Body Language Reveals About You

Body Language How people communicate with their bodies is an immensely complicated and detailed area. It’s always down to personal interpretation, but some motions and movements are common to us all. There have been studies such as the classic book Guide to Body Language by D Hartland & C Tosh that have indicated that the […]