5 ways to feel confident about your body right now

I love my body. No, no – don’t hate me. I don’t love it because it’s perfect. I love it because I have always loved my body – even when it was overweight. No, actually I am lying. When my body was overweight – I felt awful, every day.

When I was overweight I never felt comfortable. None of my clothes fit well and I did not feel very attractive. I felt invisible. When I started to lose weight at first I would wonder, “What is that man staring at me for?” and then I would realise he was probably staring at me because he thought I was hot.

Confidence is essential to men and women.

There is nothing more attractive than confidence in a man. No matter what you look like, no matter how much money you have and no matter what your job is – if you have confidence you will be attractive to women.

Is there such a thing as too much confidence? 

Often, confidence in women can be misconstrued as arrogance. I know this, because people often assume me to be arrogant when really I am just trying to be loved, accepted and taken in as part of the group.

The other thing is, even when I am feeling confident about my body, it only takes a few crappy meals or a bad day on the scales to get me down and make me feel less confident. But here are a few tricks you can employ to make sure you feel body-confident, even when you are feeling a bit flat.

How to feel body confident:

1. Hold you head up high

Perhaps one of the best ricks I know, whatever you weigh, hold you head up high and face the world with your chin up.

2. Smile

Nothing disarms someone like a smile and nothing connects you more quickly with others than flashing your pearly whites.

3. Wear nicely-fitting clothes

Yes, this is somewhat superficial but make sure your clothes are the correct size: nothing too baggy or too tight.

4. Wear dark colours with a splash of colour

Black and navy are slimming but don’t wear them head-to-toe. Rely on black but always add a splash of colour to your outfit.

5. Focus on your good points

Do you have lovely hands, thick hair or full lips? We all have parts of our body that we should take some time to appreciate.

Three body confident stars

Confidence is sexy. Here are three celebrities who I think display a healthy amount of body confidence. Take a leaf out of their book and “fake it til you make it” with your own body confidence.

Jennifer Lopez

She famously re-emerged with a thinner body before her huge career hit in the early millennium, “If You Had My Love”. She still looks absolutely gorgeous despite pushing fifty with two young kids.

Rickey Gervais

I am not 100% sold on Ricky. He has now lost a lot of weight and constantly posts shots of himself in the bath to his Facebook fans (I know because I am one). However, he is an atheist and I think his attitudes towards spirituality are completely shite.

Miley Cyrus

I love me some Miley. The Boyf and I both love her – he has been following her since her Disney days. Let’s face it – you gotta be body confident to twerk on stage with such aplomb. Go Miley – we love you.

Still not feeling confident?

That’s OK – you are human. Maybe you will love yourself more tomorrow. We are all human and therefore we are all flawed. There are definitely things “wrong” with your body – but on the whole – you are a perfect and unique being who has lots “right” with you as well.

Also – remember as Descartes says, “I am not my body”.

Please read Descartes’ argument for substance dualism Argument A: I can doubt that my body exists. I cannot doubt that I exist. Therefore, I am not my body.


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