The pain and glory of Valentine’s Day

In Australia, we don’t have men, we have blokes. If you google the word ‘bloke’ you just get a definition that it means the same as ‘man’ but in a more casual way. How are Australian men regarded overseas? I think most people would think that Australian men are a bit like Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin: slightly mad, very outdoorsy and not too concerned with airs and graces.

That’s my man to a Tee. Actually, he’s not mad…he’s really quite sensible. There’s really not much to know about my man, The Boyf. He’s not manorexic but he just loves to watch a game of cricket. He is a great cook, and yesterday he unplugged the sink in our apartment with his bare hands…because he couldn’t be bothered buying a plunger…and it worked!

The Boyf and I are not in a very good mood with each other – he pretended to have “forgotten” Valentine’s Day. I know, I know…how can anyone forget? He’s a good man so I should be forgiving. And I? I have been cruel, selfish and emotional – hey, it’s a full moon and I have PMS- what do you expect?

My darling Valentine: But honestly, you are the man of my dreams

This post is dedicated to my beloved Boyf today. He is the most wonderful, loving, kind and inspiring man I have ever met (along with my darling father).

In celebration of my devotion to The Boyf – here are his top 10 comments to me over the last year:

The Boyf’s Top Ten Comments of 2013-14

  1. Never trust a woman who drives a deceptacon.
  2. Rambo doesn’t need an iPhone.
  3. We really need to purchase you a social filter.
  4. I’ve worked hard to maintain a sense of anal decorum.
  5. #hasthtag gotta keep my bitches in line at lincraft
  6. I need extra strength with undertaking the gladiatorial challenge that is changing small things in your life.
  7. Managing you is like managing a small Manilan call centre.
  8. You can’t expect sexual favours from me right after you’ve bagged cricket
  9. Yeah – express your consciousness by sitting on my face!
  10. You put the ‘a’ in culcha
  1. February 18, 2014

    Hahaha these are great….he sounds like a keeper!

    1. February 18, 2014

      Hi Dan – yes, he really is a keeper – he keeps on looking after me and keeps me out of trouble! FYI some of The Boyf’s quotes were far too rude and racy to put on my blog – he is very cheeky when you get to know him!

      —thanks for your comment. Alyce

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