honeymoon phase marriage

Honeymoon phase: 9 things I’ve learned since getting married

Are you in the honeymoon phase? Marriage is awesome – seriously, get freakin’ married if you can. Both the hubby and I agree that we are not sure how we managed to get by before. Before I married my Noodle*, I was an independent woman who looked after herself. Now that I am a-wedded, I […]


How to make people think you’re sexy – 14 sure-fire tips

So, how sexy are you – really? Sexiness is something that doesn’t come naturally to some – but the good news is – there are many ways to “fake it” and convince the object of your desire that you are god’s gift to man (or woman) kind. Here, we examine what sexiness is and how […]


Do men need more emotional space than women?

Have you heard that men need more emotional space? My man needs a lot of personal space. I am only really starting to work this out, despite having first met him nearly five years ago. I follow him around the house, I talk over his favourite TV shows, I try to cuddle up to him […]

My partner taking anger out on me | Emotional abuse

Why is my partner taking his (or her) anger out on me?

Taking anger out on someone is never OK, but we all do it. Sometimes we are mean to our partners, or those who are closest to us. Sometimes people that we love, are mean to us for no reason. Or “for no good reason”. When humans are stressed, they can take their anger and frustrations […]

Should you take your husband’s name? The pros and cons

Should you take your husband’s name? The pros and cons

When women get married, should they take their new husband’s name, or keep their maiden name, or even come up with something completely new? Here are the pros and cons of keeping your name, or taking your husband’s name.


The 8 signs of being in love: How to know when you’re truly in love

Lucky you – are you thinking that maybe you’re in love? Love is the world’s greatest gift, and it is one of the deepest benefits of being human – having the capacity to love and be loved. There have been times in my life when I have felt so far away from any love. Life […]


Things men do that turn women off: how to flirt effectively

Do you turn women off when you talk to them? Do ladies give you a wide berth? Are you trying to date people but keep striking out? Could it be your technique that’s the problem? Far too often men do things that inadvertently turn women off. Usually these things are easy enough to rectify with […]

How to feel more beautiful – 10 easy ways

Look at you! You are simply stunning. I could just eat you right up! It’s OK if you are not feeling 100% – some days we all feel like that. One of my Facebook friends recently wrote a gorgeous post which inspired this blog post. She delightfully said: “I recently received a PM complaining/telling me […]

Learning to compromise with your spouse: the 7 essential steps

He wants the bathroom window left closed, I want it left open. He wants extra shelves in the bedroom, I want extra drawers. He likes heavy forks and knives, I like light, thin ones that bend when you try to use them. I, of course, and the one in the right, and he, of course, […]

Not all a bed of roses: the unique challenges of age-gap relationships

So what? People are saying of Stephen Fry’s 30 years age gap with his fiancée, Elliot Spencer. As someone who at one time had a preference for older blokes, I feel that I should weigh in here. It is, in fact, quite rare, to see relationships with a greater than 20 year age gap. In […]

Shopping online for love: the problems of dating with Tinder

These days we are used to getting everything almost instantly – even waiting for an app to download or a screen to unfreeze can cause actual anxiety and frustration. Each year, things are moving faster and the pace of life increases. Looking back to the early nineties it was hard to imagine a world where […]

Scientific study reveals there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm

Have you heard? Apparently the female orgasm has changed – again. A recent paper has been released that suggests that women only orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation – and that the G spot, female ejaculation and vaginal orgasms are a myth. “The internal/inner clitoris does not exist: the entire clitoris is an external organ,” says […]

Do you get more respect at work than at home? How to respect your man

God I love where I work. I like the actual work I do, and I love the company but what I really, really love is the team I work in. Every day I look forward to going to work, where I am involved in interesting projects, with creative, engaging people, and together, we feel that […]