The 4 Worst Weight Loss Myths You Can Fall For

The 4 worst weight loss myths you can fall for

There are a million and one weight loss myths out there. Turmeric lattes, fasting, 5:2 Diet, Paleo, veganism, weighing yourself every day – where does the information end? When you are trying to lose weight, a million and one people are telling you a million and one different things. It’s an informational nightmare, and unfortunately, […]

What is Gene Editing and Why It Could Be Good For Your Health

What is gene editing and why it could be good for your health

Gene editing – it sounds like something out of science fiction, right? Sometimes it can feel like every day is a struggle to stay fulfilled, happy and healthy in mind and body, right? Do you ever feel like your body is conspiring against you? Does it feel like you take three steps forward with your […]

5 Essential Ingredients to Spice Up Meat Free Meals

5 Essential ingredients to spice up meat free meals

Meat free meals are a great addition to your weekly menu. Did you know that more and more people are turning their backs on meat and switching to a meat free diet? It’s true! In fact The “Vegetarianism in America” study published by Vegetarian Times showed that 3.2% of American adults, (that’s 7.3 million people), follow […]

4 Fun Summer Activities for Kids | Easy Ideas for Kids

4 fun Summer activities for kids | Easy ideas for kids

Summer activities for kids don’t need to be complicated or expensive. The summer months are the perfect time to hang out and socialise as a family, and really get to spend some quality time with your kids. There are so many excellent things you can do to really make the most of the weather and […]

Sneaky Ways To Get Fitter (Without You Even Noticing)

Sneaky ways to get fitter (without you even noticing)

So – you’re trying to get fitter, right? Let’s face it, if there is one thing we all wish we were better at, it would be staying healthy. The problem is that most of us have an unhealthy attachment to food and (let’s be honest here) we don’t really like physical exercise. Put the two […]

5 Worst Excuses for Putting Off A Visit to The Doctor

5 Worst excuses for putting off a visit to the doctor

Finding excuses to schedule a visit to the doctor is usually not a good idea. Many people say that they have a health concern, but that they just don’t want to make a visit to the doctor… why is this? Research says that people can put off going to visit their GP for a number […]

Why “Playing” Like a Child Could Be the Key to Losing Weight

Why “playing” like a child could be the key to losing weight

Losing weight can be a challenge. It’s so important to try new things when it comes to your fitness and health. So often, we get stuck in a rut in our workout routines – we do the same old things over and over again and we wonder why we give up, or the results stop […]

Can’t Fall Asleep Easily? Make These Lifestyle Changes for a Better Sleep

Can’t fall asleep easily? Make these lifestyle changes for a better sleep

What do you do when you can’t fall asleep easily? It’s very common, so let’s look at ways to fix this. Believe it or not, if you want to change the way you sleep, then you have to change the way you are when you’re awake. These two essential states of our consciousness are ultimately […]

Get Over a Weight Loss Plateau by Following These 5 Basic Steps

Get over a weight loss plateau by following these 5 basic steps

Weight loss plateaus happen to us all. You’re doing well, you’re losing weight, the scales are going down and you’re feeling good. Then all of a sudden, you stop losing weight and hit a fitness, health and weight loss plateau. It’s as if someone has put the breaks on all your hard work. So, what […]

7 reasons why smoking hinders you from realising your goals

Are you a smoker? Hey, no judgement. I have written about my involvement with cigarette advertising previously*, something I am not proud of. Simply put, smoking is now something almost everyone realises to be bad for their health. But back in the day, it was accepted, or even recommended by doctors**. Now we know the […]

Why I Have Gained Weight & How I Am Going To Fix It

Why I have gained weight & how I am going to fix it

Yep – I have gained weight – but there is a reason, I promise! When you’ve gained weight, do you look and feel your best? Probably not. I have gained weight before, and I have even been obese. Now, I prioritise my health and wellbeing, even though it’s sometimes hard. So – right now I […]

The Lifestyle Secrets Successful People Implement to Achieve Their Goals

The lifestyle secrets successful people implement to achieve their goals

What do all successful people do to achieve their goals? For a start, they know about work-life balance. There is nothing more important than enjoying a relaxing evening at home after a very busy day in the office – it really does help you achieve your goals and get ahead. It’s really important that you […]

Poor Health Signs: 8 Clues Your Body is Giving You

Poor health signs: 8 clues your body is giving you

Have you noticed any of these poor health signs? You may think of yourself as quite a healthy person; you might explore alternative therapies, you try to eat healthily, you make time to exercise and you’re conscious of your mental wellbeing. But every now and then, we change. I have spoken before about Sneaky Symptoms of […]

Fix These 6 Exercise Mistakes & Improve Your Health & Workouts

Fix these 6 exercise mistakes & improve your health & workouts

How many exercise mistakes are you making? Are you struggling to see the results you had hoped for from your exercise regime? It’s incredibly frustrating, right? You are not alone. A lot of people start a new workout program and end up upset because they aren’t seeing improvements. Instead of getting down, you need to […]