5 Worst Excuses for Putting Off A Visit to The Doctor

5 Worst excuses for putting off a visit to the doctor

Finding excuses to schedule a visit to the doctor is usually not a good idea. Many people say that they have a health concern, but that they just don’t want to make a visit to the doctor… why is this?

Research says that people can put off going to visit their GP for a number of reasons, most of which aren’t sensible.

Men especially have been found to delay doctors’ visits according to a recent study from the Cleveland Clinic in the US, which surveyed more than 500 men aged 18−70. It found that over 40% of men make an appointment only when they fear they have a serious medical condition, and that this could lead to their health complications getting worse.

The fact is, your health should take importance over everything else, and yet many of us prefer to “tough it out” not realising that this could be making our health problems worse. Here are just a few common reasons people give for not visiting the doctors; if you’re making excuses for any of these reasons – it might be a sign that you need to re-prioritise your health, and schedule a visit today.

5 Worst Excuses for Putting Off A Visit to The Doctor

#1: You don’t have the time

A visit to the doctor’s office isn’t going to take up much time in the grand scheme of things. Employers are likely to be sympathetic about a doctor’s visit (you can even get a doctor’s note to use as proof), and you can always get someone to babysit the children if they can’t come to the doctor with you.

If you already know the treatment you need but are worried about the recuperation time, consider what will happen if you don’t get the treatment – it is worth struggling through the next little while? If you have plans in the next few months, could you possibly rearrange them? A visit to the doctor is often very important.

#2: You’re embarrassed

Some health problems can seem embarrassing to have to bring up with a stranger, but your doctor has probably seen it all before. You may have to be examined in some cases, but it’s worth the mild discomfort if it means getting a cure – some conditions may be more embarrassing in the long run or dangerous if they don’t get checked out. When you need to schedule a visit to the doctor, make sure you do it as soon as you are able to.

#3: You can’t afford treatment

Where I live (in Australia) we still have a good public health system – and many countries still do. Having said that, lots of people live in countries where it is difficult to get adequate, timely care if you don’t have health insurance. This can also be an issue if you’re travelling, or living abroad.

If you don’t have health insurance, you may be worried about the cost of a doctor’s visit and future treatment. However, there are now lots of way to negotiate these costs including instalment plans and “looking around” for treatment options. If your diagnosis is dire, you can always borrow money whether its in the form of cash loans, a credit card, or appealing to a friend or relative for a loan.

A visit to the doctor is something you need to prioritise. You may even be able to hire the help of an advocate to look around for treatment prices if you’re in particularly bad financial position. There’s even the option to raise money through donations via crowd funding, a popular choice these days.

#4: You’ve diagnosed yourself online and “don’t need a professional opinion”

The web is a great source of information, but you should be careful of diagnosing medical conditions based off what you read on the web. Some conditions may require blood tests and scans and other examinations to fully diagnose.

Just because your condition matches all the symptoms doesn’t mean that it will always be that problem – getting a professional opinion could help to make it official. Besides, you may not be able to seek appropriate treatment without a professional opinion. You should always trust the opinion of your health professional over a self-diagnosis.

#5: You don’t like your doctor

If you don’t get on with your doctor or don’t trust their advice, there’s nothing to stop you looking elsewhere for a better doctor. It’s important to have a good rapport with the person treating you – some people will search far and wide to find the right person to treat them.

A visit to the doctor is always something you need to feel comfortable doing. If you don’t trust any doctors, consider the fact that you may have just had bad experiences. There could be a niche doctor out there who knows your condition inside-out, or who can avoid treatment options that you don’t want  – you’re not a lost cause.

A visit to the doctor is important – so make no excuses!

If you’re sick, have a health concern or just need confirmation that everything is OK – the doctor is where you need to go. As we get older, this becomes more and more important. Make sure you get regular check-ups, form a good relationship with a doctor you trust and have a plan in place for getting to the doctor in case you are unable to drive yourself – such as a friend or relative as an emergency contact. Prioritise your health and take good care of yourself – you’re worth it!

5 Worst Excuses for Putting Off A Visit to The Doctor
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5 Worst Excuses for Putting Off A Visit to The Doctor
Don’t make excuses when you need to make a visit to the doctor. Prioritise your health and form a good relationship with your GP.
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