How To Give Up A Bad Habit in 4 Steps | Quitting Tips

How To Give Up A Bad Habit | Quit Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping

Are you trying to give up a bad habit? Well, good for you! As humans, we often tend to cling onto things that really do not serve us, right? It might be eating too much, exercising too little, playing too many video games late into the night, or something as common as drinking or smoking.

If you’re trying to give up something, such as fatty food, drinking or even electronic cigarettes and vaping, there is hope. The Boyf is a smoker – and it’s now such an expensive habit that he really wants to give up. Of course, there’s always the issue of his health as well.

People often get rid of one bad habit, then pick up another one

To use cigarettes vs. vaping as an example, I have done some research into electronic cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems from a statistical perspective. World Health Organization data indicates that there’s been a decline on smoking numbers worldwide since 2000, with 1.1-billion smokers in 2018 compared to 1.14-billion back then.

However, numbers of vapers and electronic cigarette users have been increasing. The vaping population ballooned to 35-million from 7-million from 2011 to 2016. It’s estimated that the global vaping population may be 55-million in as early as 2021.

How to give up a bad habit

Let’s have a look at some of the strategies you can employ to give up a bad habit, no matter what your personal “poison” is.

How To Give Up A Bad Habit in 4 Steps | Quitting Tips

#1: Set small, manageable goals

Get yourself an objective to look forward to achieving: if this is your first time quitting a habit, it’s important to understand as early as now that it won’t happen in a snap. Instead of telling you’d “quit,” instead try to set an objective. If your overall goal is quitting, what are the steps for you to take in order to achieve this? Try to set up your objectives with smaller “mini” objectives that you can slowly achieve.

#2: Keep your mind occupied

Keep yourself busy with other things you want to do! One of the best ways to start your quitting journey is to actually keep yourself busy with things you’d like doing. If you have work that keeps you preoccupied, or a hobby that takes hours because of its intensive nature, try focusing on those so you get yourself away from the mindset that you need to smoke in order to “relax.”

#3: Call on your support network

Let others know of your journey so they understand your position: It’s difficult to be in a “quitting” mindset, especially if your usual crowd has been part of the crowd where your habit was formed. If you’ve decided to quit yourself, you need to tell your support network what’s going on so they can help you adjust as well.

#4: Get rid of temptation

If you have a problem with overeating at night, then clean out your cupboards of bad food. Defeat temptation by being around temptation in the first place. If you’re confident that you’ve started to make positive changes with your quitting, try to be with other people who are continuing the bad habits, and see if you get tempted. This is the “ultimate” test of your quitting journey, but make sure you prioritize your goals above everything else.

Is vaping bad for you?

A lot of people appear to be using electronic cigarettes for its benefits against smoking. Quitting electronic cigarettes and vaping isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. It’s important to take into mind that it takes time, effort, patience, and discipline to go over the steps you need in order to successfully quit electronic cigarettes and vaping, and perhaps even quit smoking entirely.

Sites like ECASSOC can help you find better ways to help you quit e-cigarettes and vape. Moreover, this article will also help explore some tips to quitting electronic cigarettes and vaping and be successful in the process.

It takes time to give up a bad habit!

Remember that it takes patience to fully stop: It’s a popular saying that habits often get developed after seven weeks, with some saying it even takes 18 to 254 days. If it takes this long to form a habit, it’s natural to take just as long or even much longer to stop a habit. Just stay consistent with the tips above, and slowly improve upon each of these tips by expanding your limitations, and you’ll be on your way to quitting your bad habit in no time.

How To Give Up A Bad Habit in 4 Steps | Quitting Tips
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How To Give Up A Bad Habit in 4 Steps | Quitting Tips
If you want to give up a bad habit there are 4 surprising things you must do. Check these quitting tips to kick the habit!
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