Sneaky Ways To Get Fitter (Without You Even Noticing)

Sneaky ways to get fitter (without you even noticing)

So – you’re trying to get fitter, right? Let’s face it, if there is one thing we all wish we were better at, it would be staying healthy. The problem is that most of us have an unhealthy attachment to food and (let’s be honest here) we don’t really like physical exercise. Put the two together and it is a literal recipe for weight gain, depression and “disaster”. This can be fixed.

For most of us, going to the gym is not a lot of fun; we love the feeling of moving our body, but the gym might feel clinical and like “a chore”. To really see results, we have to go back to the simple premise that keeping fit is about enjoyment. When people no longer like taking part in physical activity, it is when the routine stops in its tracks. Imagine if it was possible to maintain your core health without pushing yourself – wouldn’t that be the dream.

Let’s get one thing straight – we can’t say “I’ve had enough exercise. That’s it.” To stop your energy stores from turning into fat, you are going to have to burn the calories off, and, to do that, working out is essential. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a hassle; something you might dread doing it – yet you might be able to find a reserve of strength to get the job done anyway.

One trick is to get to the stage where working out is a part of your everyday routine. Look to incorporate incidental exercise into your daily routine; for example, instead of driving, walk or cycle to the office. Take a change of clothes so that there are no embarrassing sweaty marks and kill two birds with one stone.

Sneaky Ways To Get Fitter (Without You Even Noticing)

Turn a passion into a program

There is something in your life that you love and can’t get enough of, barring TV, of course. It has to be active if it is going to help you stay healthy! Take dancing. Men and women see dancers and television screens and secretly want to replicate the moves. Well, you can with the help of people such as Arthurmurray and by following their instructions. Book now and you may become the new Michael Jackson. Whatever the passion, try and make a bigger part of your life. A cool hack is to join a sports club. That way, the hobby has a competitive edge, plus there is a social element, and both of these things make exercise enjoyable.

Stand up

Sitting for long periods can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and bad circulation due to bad posture. At least, that’s what the guys and girls in the lab coats seem to think. And, to be fair, their hypotheses are rarely wrong. So, with this in mind, try not to stay sat at the desk all day long. Instead, get up and walk around the office to stretch your legs and relieve tension in the pressure points. Simply standing up can increase the metabolism.

Take the stairs

While on the subject of the office, let’s not forget there is a choice: stairs or elevator? The brain always picks the path of least resistance so the lift is usually the best option. Although it’s quicker, easier and less strenuous, it isn’t a healthy option. Just by taking the stairs at work, you can burn up to a couple of hundred calories. Considering the average person does this a few times a day, it can add up to a significant amount. Another trick is to park farther away.

Can you think of any other ways to enjoy working out without going to the gym?


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