A Perfect Day of Eating? What Bollocks!

I found an article online, talking about The Perfect Day of Eating. To read the original article, go here. It was written by a bloke, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s very unspecific and completely omits portion sizes. Plus, I think it’s quite unrealistic and assumes the reader to be some sort of angelic […]

I Look Like a Bimbo – But I’m OK with That

I look dumb. It’s OK – I know this. I have looked a little thick my whole life. Frequently I have been told things such as, “You’re a lot smarter than you look,” or, “Oh, you’re actually quite intelligent,” or, “You’re actually a very clever girl,” usually said with a smirk, raised eyebrow and higher-octave […]

Hookers Who Regress With Child-like Fashion Choices

I live in the red light district of Sydney, Australia. It is known as Kings Cross, but even many Sydneysiders don’t know that Kings Cross is not a suburb – it is merely the name of the train station and a nickname for the district. I love where I live because it is very bohemian, […]

What is the Most Attractive Age For Men and For Women?

What is the most attractive age for men and for women?

It’s a question we are all wondering.  Is there a “most attractive” age for men and women? Is the age the same or different for males and females? Luckily for me, there are many studies done on this subject, so I was able to find lots of statistics on what the most attractive age is. […]

This is What Happens When I Have a Meltdown

So I nearly had a meltdown today. I feel that my threshold for frustration is quite low. In short – I am feeling too busy, drained and really, really tired. But my life is really great, things are awesome. I am just a bit frazzled. There is lots of stuff going on. When I am […]

How to Move House

How to Move House: The 10 Essential Steps You Cannot Miss!

I am excellent at only a few things in life and moving house is one. Since the day i was born (and counting only houses and apartments I have lived in for more than 6 months) I have moved 22 times. I have moved as short a distance as the next street, or as far […]

How Would You Fare in a Zombie Apocalypse? Check This List to Find Out

Do you ever wonder how you would fare in an apocalypse? I do. I am not a morbid person – I just quite like camping and I have often thought about how well I would go if I didn’t have access to running water or a warm bed and how I would feel if the […]

How to be a Morning Person: Your Easy Step-by-Step Guide

I am a morning person. Are you? I think I am naturally like this, but I still hate getting up earlier than I am used to. My body protests, my eyelids refuse to open, my head hurts, it’s cold in my apartment. I don’t want to get out of bed. People need different amounts of […]

What is the Most Attractive BMI? What Should You Weigh to Look Your Hottest?

What is the most attractive BMI? What should you weigh to look your hottest?

What’s your Body Mass Index (BMI)? What do you mean you don’t know? This is probably one of the most important figures you will ever find out. This is the number that protects you from obesity. The most attractive BMI is a number that’s particular to you – and one you must find out. Really, what […]

Can’t Remember Multiple Passwords? Have You Heard of this Easy Technique?

Capital A, epsilon, underscore, star, numeral four. Lower-case a, capital Q, umlaut. That is not actually my password – that wouldn’t be acceptable these days. Anything less than 15 characters long not featuring capital letters, symbols and ancient Greek, simply will not do! You need a password for everything these days. I need to remember […]

Does Anyone Remember the Pro-Ana Sites on Live Journal?

Warning: if you are suffering from an eating disorder, this may not be an appropriate post for you to read. This post is a discussion about what used to be on the pro-ana sites of the mid 2000s. Lots of this stuff was bad for people. These sites were frequented primarily by women, but there […]

How Long Does it Take to Get Over a Break Up? | Getting over your ex

How Long Does it Take to Get Over a Break Up?

I have been avoiding a break up for the past ten years. Basically I never got over my very first love, who I split with by the time I was only 22. Since then I have had several long-term relationships, but I always kept my partners at arm’s length. I had a five year relationship […]

Is President Obama Sexist or am I Being Over Reactive?

A very interesting gaffe was made by President Obama this year, and I say gaffe, but it was obviously a pre-written (and practised) speech that had probably had several writers – and somebody should have picked up his offensive language. Not hugely offensive…more subtly disturbing. What exactly did Obama say? He gave a speech where […]

Finding Your Life’s Calling: Here’s How You Begin

Finding Your Life’s Calling is a pretty big step, right? I always envied people who were outstanding singers, if just for the fact that they probably knew “their calling” from very early on. I first thought about this in the year 2007 when I saw a live Christina Aguilera concert; she was such an outstanding singer, […]