Finding Your Life’s Calling: Here’s How You Begin

Finding Your Life’s Calling is a pretty big step, right? I always envied people who were outstanding singers, if just for the fact that they probably knew “their calling” from very early on. I first thought about this in the year 2007 when I saw a live Christina Aguilera concert; she was such an outstanding singer, and although I had never rushed out and bought her albums, the quality and power of her voice was undeniable.

I remember thinking to myself, “Well she probably never had any doubt in her mind what she was supposed to do with her life – she would have known her calling was to be a singer.” In a way I felt envious of this – I’m sure that I have many latent talents, but none so obvious as a giant, booming, perfect singing voice or killer hand-eye coordination that makes me a terrific tennis player.

Finding Your Life's Calling: Here's How You Begin_christina aguilera

I found a recent quote from Leann Rimes, someone who I am fascinated with for some odd reason. She (like Christina Aguilera) began singing at a very young age and said that she always felt like an “alien child” with her big voice, which was very mature-sounding even when she was thirteen. She said, “I remember my dad sitting me down and explaining the meanings of the songs I was singing and yet I was somehow able to convey those feelings, even though I was so young.”

Finding Your Life's Calling: Here's How You Begin_leeann rimes

Finding Your Life’s Calling: Step by Step

Can you imagine having to convey the adult feelings of being in love, before you had ever experienced those feeling yourself for real?

“I was always one of those old souls I guess and working and travelling from a young age made me develop way beyond my years in some respects. But in others, I was still a real child. I always had my parents or someone around me so I had a real attachment to people and I always had to have someone around. The stage was where I felt most confident, but in normal life, I felt really out of my element.”

For most of us, it takes us years or decades to find our calling, and some of us may have multiple callings! I don’t think there’s an easy step-by-step process that a person can take to identify exactly what it is they should be doing with their lives, but after conducting some research I found some interesting advice.

1. Make sure your calling is not someone else’s calling

When Finding Your Life’s Calling you need to be honest with yourself and live the life you want, not the life that was dictated to you by your elders, your society or external factors.

2. Try to make use of many of your talents

Write down everything you love and everything you’re good at. Finding your calling means combining your talents in a unique way that leaves you fulfilled.

3. Don’t get stuck

We can all find ourselves stuck sometimes, whether it’s in a bad job or a bad relationship, where we become frustrated and atrophied. Learn to let go of things and seek out new challenges to find your calling. Finding Your Life’s Calling is a long journey in many cases.

4. Research!

Wish that you could make a living playing golf? Wondering if you have what it takes to learn a new language and live in another country? These days there is no reason why you can’t find all the information you need right at your finger tips. Make friends online who are doing what you love and pick their brains as to how they got there.

5. Trust your gut instincts

Consider this quote from Sir Walter Scott, “We shall never learn to feel and respect our real calling and destiny, unless we have taught ourselves to consider everything as moonshine, compared with the education of the heart.”

Have you found your calling? At what age did you find it? Have you had more than one calling? Please let me know!


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