How to find your authentic career self in 4 simple steps

How well do you know yourself and what really motivates you? In order to have a happy life and a long career it’s essential to know not only what makes you happy, but what makes you tick. There is a lot of advice online that says “doing what you love” is key to ultimate career […]

Finding Your Life’s Calling: Here’s How You Begin

Finding Your Life’s Calling is a pretty big step, right? I always envied people who were outstanding singers, if just for the fact that they probably knew “their calling” from very early on. I first thought about this in the year 2007 when I saw a live Christina Aguilera concert; she was such an outstanding singer, […]

Get Over a Personal Roadblock: Where to Find Your Life Purpose.

So – You’ve Reached a Road-Block. Maybe you’ve lost or quit your job, perhaps your relationship has gone belly-up, or your life has changed now that you’ve got a couple of kids and a mortgage. What if you just feel that something is missing – really missing? How do you find your life’s purpose? What’s […]