Surviving The Outdoors: Could You Do It? Check This List To See

Surviving the outdoors: could you do it? Check this list to see

Surviving the outdoors is hopefully something you never need to do in real life, but it’s a good thing to know about, as every single year, people get lost and have to rely on themselves to survive. This 54 year old man got lost in a popular bushwalking range where I live and survived in […]

Assistive Technology: What Is It and How Is It Helpful?

Assistive technology: what is it and how is it helpful?

Assistive technology is actually changing lives – but what exactly is it? Automation is now making its way into the lives of People with Disability (PwD) around the globe. This is made possible by the introduction of assistive technology. This high tech innovation could improve the quality of life of people who have difficulty performing […]

What Is The Best Age To Undergo Fertility Testing?

What is the best age to undergo fertility testing?

Fertility testing is something that I have recently done. In the year 2016, I went through the worst year of my life. The Boyf and I had been trying for a baby for a year, then I suffered three miscarriages. I cannot tell you the total and utter heartbreak that came with those. I will […]

Studying Online? Time Management Tips For Adult Online Students

Studying online? Time management tips for adult online students

Adult online students have particular learning needs. Engendering the kind of discipline it takes to get though an online course is no mean feat. I have always been a good manager of time, some of my friends certainly are not. They are always late, they miss deadlines, they are always “rushing around” and they annoy […]

The 3 Things Our Parents Need From Us As They Get Older

The 3 things our parents need from us as they get older

Our parents gave up so much for us during their lives, right? Never had people in their later years ever had to take on so much. A few generations ago, people were more able to live out their retirement years in peace and quiet, now we often find grandparents taking care of their grandkids, helping […]

The Top 10 Cosmetic And Laser Treatments of 2018 Explained

The top 10 cosmetic and laser treatments of 2018 explained

What are the most popular cosmetic and laser treatments of 2018? Everyone has their own natural beauty. In essence, we are all essentially perfect. What you perceive as a “flaw” is really just a natural quirk – often what you see in the mirror is not how others perceive you. You are more than the […]

How to Know If Your Child Needs Child Counselling: The Signs

How to know if your child needs child counselling: the signs

If you think your little one needs child counselling, then there are a few signs that you can be aware of. I have recently become a parent, my daughter is only 9 months old, and I am conscious of wanting to do the best for her, at all times. I want her to thrive. I […]

The Power of a Bali Yoga Retreat and Your Relaxation

The power of a Bali yoga retreat and your relaxation

Thinking of heading to a Bali yoga retreat? The Boyf and I absolutely love Bali, which is part of beautiful Indonesia. Personally, I have been to Bali about 6 times, and always loved it. As a kid I went with my parents, as a twenty-something, I went a few times with groups of friends and […]

Couples’ Counselling: Tips to Help Your Relationship Get Back on Track

Couples’ counselling: tips to help your relationship get back on track

Is it time to explore couples’ counselling? If your relationship is valuable to you, then you need to give it every chance to succeed, and sometimes that means calling in the professionals. Being in a relationship can be an extremely exciting part of anyone’s life. After all, this is a time when you have found […]

How to Wake Up More Easily & Be A Morning Person

How to wake Up more easily & be a morning person

So, you want to be a morning person? If you want to wake up more easily, there are a few things you can try. I have always been a morning person; I also used to work in breakfast radio, which means that I would have to be at work at ungodly hours, often as early […]

Instagram Influencers’ Health Tips | How The Women of Instagram Stay Healthy

Instagram influencers’ health tips | How the women of Instagram stay healthy

I have been thinking a lot about Instagram influencers’ health tips that I have seen online. Really, I am just getting into the platform now. Previously I haven’t been really interested in Instagram, as I am more of a ‘wordy’ person who likes to consume written content over videos and photos – but as with […]

Can You Buy CBD Hemp Oil For Sale In Your Area? Find Out

Can you buy CBD hemp oil for sale in your area? Find out

You may have heard of the benefits of CBD oil, or cannabidiol. Please note, this oil is legal in Australia where I live, but you must have a prescription, and it must be supplied by a pharmacy. The rules and regulations in my home country are changing all the time, and if you have a […]

Quick ways to heal your relationship with money

Do you need to heal your relationship with money? So many people I know have a bad relationship with money; they spend too much, don’t earn enough, are in debt and bury their heads in the sand; refusing to acknowledge the problem. And the worst thing is – their problems are snowballing every day. A […]

Your Life Edit: 5 Toxic Relationships To Ditch Today

Your life edit: 5 toxic relationships to ditch today

There are many kinds of toxic relationships, and I don’t just mean with people. We often have very toxic relationships with the most banal, everyday things. Money, food, our body – these toxic problems can sneak in and take hold of us, and before we know it – we feel like we are a slave […]