How to Know If Your Child Needs Child Counselling: The Signs

How to know if your child needs child counselling: the signs

If you think your little one needs child counselling, then there are a few signs that you can be aware of. I have recently become a parent, my daughter is only 9 months old, and I am conscious of wanting to do the best for her, at all times. I want her to thrive.

I am in no way a medical professional, and so the research I did into this is my own. If you think your child is suffering in any way, then your first step is to go to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. Don’t wait, go to someone you trust, and if you don’t get answers, go and get a second opinion.

It’s a very sad fact of life that children are more stressed than ever. I co-wrote a book called Cultivating Creativity where I spoke to dozens of international teachers who spoke to me on topics such as playtime, stress, creativity and imagination.

Seeing your child grow into a wonderful individual can be one of the best feelings in the world, however there can also be difficult times that your child might not be able to cope with positively. Their psychological health can even be affected, but this is not uncommon.

How stressed are children today?

Children aren’t immune to psychological distress. 10% to 20% of adolescents and children worldwide do experience some form of mental illness, and if this is untreated, it can hinder their development, education, and potential to have a fulfilling life. There are organisations and institutions, that have experienced professionals who can offer you and your child appropriate psychological help. Make sure you do research in your local area and find a professional that you trust. It’s important to find someone your child “connects” with.

This signs to note that child counselling could be an option for your family

Check on your children from time to time to see if they’re exhibiting signs that they might need professional assistance. Please make sure you do your own research into this, and always talk to a medical professional.

How to Know If Your Child Needs Child Counselling: The Signs

Persistent feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or anxiety

Your child might need assistance if they are constantly worrying, overreacting, or getting angry. Observe if your child has become very concerned about something – are they very anxious about themselves?

Losing interest in activities they liked before

A lot of children tend to express themselves through hobbies and talents, but when they lose interest in the things that usually excite them. It can be an alarming sign that they have mental health issues or that they are going through something that they can’t express.

Visible changes in their physical state

If you notice your child acting “differently,” this might be an indication that they need help. For instance, are they exhibiting changes in eating or sleeping patterns, or are they having a hard time staying still? Are they experiencing recurring nightmares? Do they often feign or fake sickness for no reason? These might be signs that they have a problem they need help with.

Know the signs and act on them!

Knowing the signs that your child may need child counselling is very important, especially nowadays. Taking care of their mental health can make a huge difference in their development, and sometimes the expertise of professionals is needed to help children cope with the difficulties in life.

Remember, your first point of call is with your family doctor. If you are worried, start with them and discuss what’s happening with your child. And even though things are hard, try to stay positive. Tomorrow might not bring a quick fix – but over time, things will get better.

How to Know If Your Child Needs Child Counselling: The Signs
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How to Know If Your Child Needs Child Counselling: The Signs
If you think your son or daughter might need child counselling there might be a few signs that you can take note of. Here’s what they are.
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