The Power of a Bali Yoga Retreat and Your Relaxation

The power of a Bali yoga retreat and your relaxation

Thinking of heading to a Bali yoga retreat? The Boyf and I absolutely love Bali, which is part of beautiful Indonesia. Personally, I have been to Bali about 6 times, and always loved it. As a kid I went with my parents, as a twenty-something, I went a few times with groups of friends and in my thirties, I traveled there with The Boyf. Now that we have a baby, we will take her back to Bali soon. It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

One thing that I have always wanted to try was an immersive Bail yoga retreat. I love yoga, as it’s more than just a physical health practice, it is a moving mediation. Everyone should try yoga.

If you really love yoga, then there are a variety of ways to improve your yoga experience. Some of these include trying new poses, going to a new studio, and doing it with friends and peers. I haven’t actually done one, but I have been looking into doing a Bali yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are designed to help you achieve the relaxation you’ll need for reflection, meditation, or just having a break from life. I think it would be a great way to reconnect with my spirituality and health, all in one go.

How popular is yoga?

It might be interesting to learn just how popular yoga is, and how it’s growing. In the United States alone, 36.7 million yogi were recorded in 2016, and 80 million people are more likely to give yoga a shot. Interestingly, 74% of these practitioners are actually very new, and 79%t of them also engage in other forms of exercises while doing yoga.

A lot of people say that practising yoga is good because it increases strength and flexibility, relieves stress, and enhances athletic performance for them. In fact, it’s been reported that 86% of yoga students actually experienced “mental clarity,” and 90% believe that yoga is a good form of meditation. If you will get into doing yoga, you’ll likely reap these benefits, too.

Yoga retreats and relaxation and how they work

Yoga has gained popularity all over the world because it really makes people feel good. A lot of people who do yoga say that they get many physical and mental health benefits. A Bali yoga retreat is one perfect example of a yoga retreat that can make a difference in your yoga practice. See what’s available in your local area too.

So, I thought I would look into a few of the possible benefits that doing a daily yoga practice might bring to my life. I won’t be able to book a holiday for a while, but when I do, I really think I will look into a Bali yoga retreat – for a few of these reasons.

The Power of a Bali Yoga Retreat and Your Relaxation

I want to prioritise relaxation on holiday

Most of us travel because we want to unwind and relax. However, the hassle and stress of looking for accommodation, coming up with an itinerary, and packing can make travel less fun. A yoga retreat is different. When you book a yoga retreat, almost everything is taken care of – the accommodation, itinerary, and what you need to bring are part of the yoga retreat package. These all inclusive types of packages can take the stress out of holiday planning.

Delve into travel wellness on your own terms

“Travel wellness” is the term given to a trend where people travel with fitness or wellness in mind. There are many different types of adventures people can do now, from extreme sports to relaxing retreats. These might have itineraries that include exercising, eating healthy, or doing healthy activities. Retreats can be your quick foray into enjoying travel wellness, especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to try out new things and experiences in other countries.

Do yoga in a natural environment that encourages relaxation

You can do yoga at home or in a studio. A lot of people actually practice yoga in environments that calm them down because this gives them an air of “control” over their relaxation and stress relief. But it’s a totally new experience if you actually do it in an environment specifically designed for relaxation, and doing it in a place of nature can really make you feel like you’re tapping into your spiritual potential. This makes you retreat into a safer place.

Retreat to a space for meditation

A lot of people do yoga not just for fitness, but for meditation as well. I love mediation and I have been practising meditation for years at Vipassana. While you can do a lot of reflecting at home, sometimes it is hard to think about important things when work and other obligations creep in on you all the time. If you go to a place away from work and other responsibilities, it can help clear your mind so you can look into things from an organic perspective. This can help you think about stuff that actually matters and might help you find solutions to problems you didn’t think were there.

You can stop everything and just think about yourself

You can also just “stop” everything in a yoga retreat and focus on your personal development. You can’t exactly perform well in your household, work, or other endeavors if you have no space to express yourself and your individuality. Yoga retreats are built to help you reconnect with yourself, and to allow you to do yoga in a completely new and safe environment. You can just retreat and get away from everything and still be relaxed in the process.

Connect with like-minded individuals

Another way you can benefit from yoga retreats is to actually be with the company of people who are almost in the same situation as you. In yoga retreats, you can find a community of individuals you can relate to and have fun with, which can pave way into lasting friendships and relationships you’ll cherish.

Treat yourself to a Bali yoga retreat – you deserve it!

I might take my own advice here and make booking a health holiday a bit of a priority. I would like nothing more than taking my husband and daughter back to beautiful Bali to try the gorgeous food (lots of vegetarian options!), excellent shopping, fabulous hotels and kind and wonderful people. Do yourself a favour and book a holiday as soon as you can.

The Power of a Bali Yoga Retreat and Your Relaxation
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The Power of a Bali Yoga Retreat and Your Relaxation
Are you thinking of reasons to book a Bali yoga retreat? From focusing on wellness to meeting like-minded people, there are so many benefits.
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