7 things men hate about women

Chicks. Frustrating, right? I should know…I am one after all. Women have always confounded and confused men. That’s nothing new. The Boyf is often irritated by me; I do all sorts of things that drive him absolutely bananas.

I thought I would do a bit of reaserch online to see exactly what personality traits and quirks women have that drive their fellas nuts.

Taking too long to get ready

“Almost ready” doesn’t mean “ready in a half hour.” It means “we will be walking out the door in the next five minutes,” huffs Anders Ljungberg in this funny blog post.

Complaining all the time

The Boyf thinks that complain all the time, which is not really true. Often, he thinks that I am complaining when I am not. I think that I’m just talking. I even wrote a post called Do women complain more than men? The general consensus is yes, but I really think men are just as bad!

Bitching about their girlfriends

This is something I try to avoid at all costs. I do not like to “bitch” about people and if I ever do it, I feel really lousy. Strong women do not need to make themselves feel good by pulling others down. Men also find this very unattractive as it can make a woman seem less confident in herself.

Being constantly late

Again, this is not something that I do often, but I can faithfully tell you that it drives men absolutely crazy. ” I am the one who has to take on the military operation of preparing everything – including myself, my daughter and the house – before we can actually go anywhere. It’s hard work being a woman,” says UK writer Kate Garraway. “While men simply have to get dressed, we have to get ready!” she points out.

Never asking your man how THEY are

“I remember an especially failed relationship,” says Anders, “where, for two months, I counted every day that she didn’t ask me anything about myself but instead talked about her problems, aspirations, worries. Guess what happened at the end of those two months? That’s right, dumpsville, population her.” Harsh – or fair?

When women second guess their men

Again, The Boyf really hates it when I do this and I can see why. It really sucks when someone asks your opinion, and then does the opposite things anyway. I try to listen to my partner, even when I don’t agree with his tactics. It’s important to show your partner respect in this way, or so I have been told!

Being flirtatious

“He loved your sassiness when you met,” says blogger Heather Dugmore, “but then you started seeing each other and he started resenting your flirtatiousness, even instructing you not to flirt with his friends. Don’t bother objecting – it’s a waste of time. Rather tone it down.” OK, sister!

…but men and women still love each other

There is nothing more magical than the mal-female connection on this planet. Love and sex between men and women is creatitive and unique. Learning to appreciate the subtleties of each sex is nothing easy, but it is essential. Men may drive women crazy and women may drive men crazy but at the end of the day – we have to live here on this planet together – and we are, in fact, each other’s greatest allies.

I love you, men.

But most of all – I love my man – The Boyf.


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