How men and women communicate differently in the workplace

The modern workplace aims to be a balanced place where everyone can communicate openly and freely with the intention of being as productive as possible. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, “NSW women’s participation in the labour force has increased significantly over time.” But are we really talking to each other in the most […]

Learning to compromise with your spouse: the 7 essential steps

He wants the bathroom window left closed, I want it left open. He wants extra shelves in the bedroom, I want extra drawers. He likes heavy forks and knives, I like light, thin ones that bend when you try to use them. I, of course, and the one in the right, and he, of course, […]

7 things men hate about women

Chicks. Frustrating, right? I should know…I am one after all. Women have always confounded and confused men. That’s nothing new. The Boyf is often irritated by me; I do all sorts of things that drive him absolutely bananas. I thought I would do a bit of reaserch online to see exactly what personality traits and […]