5 reasons you’re not losing weight & have hit a diet plateau

So, you’re not losing weight and you’ve hit the dreaded diet plateau? There comes a time in everybody’s life when they look down at their jelly belly, thunder thighs or lack of box gap when they say to themselves, “Ya know, I really gotta shed some pounds.” For me, that time is now. I am […]

Winter weight loss foods: 6 of the best

Winter weight loss foods: 6 of the best

What are some winter weight loss foods? Winter can be the time of year when the pounds and kilos simply creep on. It’s cold outside and you are less likely to want to exercise and your body is craving warm, nourishing meals in an effort to provide your body with a layer of fat to […]


10 quick ways to lose weight (2 kilos or 5 pounds) in 2 days

Really, I think you’re beautiful just as you are but if you need to lose some weight very quickly, I have a few tips for you. Most of these are not that healthy for you, although I maintain that you’ll be fine, so long as you do them for the recommended time only, and no […]

How healthy are sushi rolls, really? Can I lose weight eating sushi rolls? How healthy are nori rolls? How healthy are California rolls?

Sushi – it’s huge all over the world and if you’re like me, you’ve been led to believe that it’s a healthy option for a light meal or a snack. It’s low fat right? Made with natural, wholesome ingredients – right? It’s low in calories right? With hardly any preservatives? Wrong, I’m afraid. Sushi trains […]

Alcohol and weight gain: is booze making you fat?

Do you like downing a couple of alcoholic drinks at the end of a busy work day? Is having a glass or two of wine the thing that keeps you just a few kilos or pounds short of your “comfortable weight”? There have been many studies into the relationship between alcohol and weight gain, now […]

Using scent and smell to get rid of stress and for healing

I am a huge stress junky. Highly strung and ready to “lose it” at any moment, I have to keep several strategies up my sleeve to help me calm myself down in the event that I get upset at something. Scents can be a really good way to reset your emotional controls and to kick-start […]

9 best weight loss diets for everyday people

How do regular people lose weight? I have trawled the web and found 9 of the most common eating patterns and diets that real people are using to cut their calories, reduce fat and gain the bodies they desire. These are all real comments from genuine Australians. Here’s what they do to lose weight. Would […]

Can I lose weight or detox by drinking lemon water in the morning?

Have you heard of the benefits of lemon water ? We all want to feel healthy and vital and often when we wake up in the morning, we feel anything but. Most of us would have several days in the week when we wake feeling tired, lethargic, slow and generally crapola – but what if […]

5:2 diet plan. Anorexic? Binge eater? Issues with food? The 5 types of people that should never fast

There’s a new diet in town, have you heard of it? It’s the 5:2 diet plan. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the concept is very simple. Basically, you calorie-restrict for two days of the week, or have two “fasting” days. There are a few variations of the diet. For the most part, on […]

The 6 new rules of weight loss

Eat more meat Should you be eating more meat to lose weight? There are lots of studies that show that protein can be one of the biggest factors in keeping you full and satisfied. Everyone from Atkins to Pierre Dukan has touted the meat-filled diet as a total winner. Do studies support this? Yes! “It […]

10 commandments to maintaining your weight

Something occurred to me the other day – I have achieved a goal I always wanted to – maintaining my weight within a 2 kilo (or 5 pound) weight range, effortlessly, over the course of a year. I used to be classic yo-yo dieter. I was like Britney Spears, fluctuating from slightly-hot to blobby and […]

5 Ways You Can Lose Weight With Mint | Mint Weight Loss

5 Ways You Can Lose Weight With Mint | Mint Weight Loss

Want to lose weight with mint? Mint is also known as Mentha, from the Greek míntha. It is actually a family of plants, from the family Lamiaceae. There are about 13 or 14 varieties or hybrids. You can use mint to lose weight. Mint has been around for a long time, in fact and has […]

Could butter be the key to you losing weight?

I love butter, I do. My dear father doesn’t like the stuff – or at least, he tried to pretend his whole life that he hated it – in fact, he was really just very health conscious and had been told (as we all were) that butter is a “bad fat” and should be avoided. […]

The lose weight with white foods 3 day plan: Day 2

Missed day one? Check out the post here. Yes, you can lose weight by eating all white foods – here’s how! Breakfast day 2 Black coffee with 30 mLs of  skim milk = 10 cals 1 croissant = 400 cals 5 grams of butter = 18 cals 1 tablespoon of jam = 30 cals 1 […]