9 best weight loss diets for everyday people

How do regular people lose weight? I have trawled the web and found 9 of the most common eating patterns and diets that real people are using to cut their calories, reduce fat and gain the bodies they desire. These are all real comments from genuine Australians. Here’s what they do to lose weight. Would these techniques work for you too?

#1: The 5:2 Diet

“In the first week I lost almost 5 kg,” says Bazwat, “and I haven’t lost any weight since, despite lowering my intake and increasing exercise by approximately 40%. I was simply eating too much. I don’t need all that food, and I felt sharper in the days I was fasting.”

#2: 24 hour fast

Dan B says, “I feel much sharper in the morning on a 24-hour fast. I don’t go to bed hungry. I eat dinner one night, go to sleep, fast the following day, and eat the following night’s dinner.”


#3: Vegetarianism

“As someone who doesn’t eat meat myself,” Norm explains, “I am constantly told to keep it to myself, even when people ask me questions about it. Puzzling. You can actually smell the fear. Like you are trying to take their meat away.”

#4: 1 day a week fast

W says, “Fast one day a week. Works wonders.”

#5: No dairy/vegan

Buds says, “I used to suffer from migraines, then I gave up milk and they stopped. I don’t know if the two are linked but it is interesting. Also I permanently lost weight. Being vegan is the best thing I have done!”

#6: Paleo

“(I go with a) Paleo style of eating , nose to tail, organic fruit and veg, low carb high fat and delicious. I cycle 300km plus a week, and enjoy life,” says Paleo Cyclist

I was on a vegan diet before and once you understand the causes of good health it is simply not optimal. If you can do it, I am impressed at your commitment to the ideals of your philosophy, it takes a fair effort to arrange the right nutrition from vegan sources. It lasted about a year for me..

#7: Portion control

Toff says, “It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ the food is if you eat too much of it. Controlling the quantity is key to managing weight, the quality of food is all about long-term health.”

#8: No junk food

Painter says, “10 experts are born every day, the same formula does not work for everyone, but avoiding junk food is a great start for most people.”

#9: No sugar

“I thought I was eating healthy and balanced,” says Skywhale, “but never had I been able to lose my gut. 2 weeks ago I decided to try a paleo-inspired diet with massive restrictions in carbs/sugar. I eat meat (fat included), fish, chicken and only certain lower vegetables and fruit, butter, eggs, nuts and milk. My gut is now gone.”

He goes on to say, “I cannot believe it. I believe hidden sugars and carbs have been the behind my bulging gut problem this whole time.”

 What do you think of these 9 methods? Have any of them worked for you?


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