Ways to eat cold potatoes on the paleo diet and still lose weight

My parents are gorgeous. No, really they are. They were “young” parents, typical of their generation, and had two kids before age 30. Because they were young, they prioritised their relationship with each other, and they also placed a high priority on looking good, which for them meant dressing nicely, being healthy and keeping to […]

9 best weight loss diets for everyday people

How do regular people lose weight? I have trawled the web and found 9 of the most common eating patterns and diets that real people are using to cut their calories, reduce fat and gain the bodies they desire. These are all real comments from genuine Australians. Here’s what they do to lose weight. Would […]

5 “perfect” meals from 5 different websites. Are they effective?

Perfection. I strive for it all the time but I often fall short of being perfect. Just ask The Boyf. The poor man has to put up with me thinking I know everything all the time. I am not a nutritionist, and he in fact has accredited qualifications in this area. Since I am not […]

Does Anyone Remember the Pro-Ana Sites on Live Journal?

Warning: if you are suffering from an eating disorder, this may not be an appropriate post for you to read. This post is a discussion about what used to be on the pro-ana sites of the mid 2000s. Lots of this stuff was bad for people. These sites were frequented primarily by women, but there […]