Fairies & other elemental beings: what they are and how to connect with them: PART 2 of an interview with Alphedia

Aphedia is the Soul Name of Fiona Murray who founded the website Elemental Beings. Alphedia is a channel for the angelic, unicorn, elemental and crystal realms, based in Scotland.

Her first book Messages from Nature’s Guardians discusses the many fairies and elementals she has come across since her spiritual journey began. I had many questions about elemental beings, most specifically about fairies. This is PART 2 of my interview with her.

For part 1 head to this post.

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Do you think that maybe hundreds of years ago, maybe even in medieval times that perhaps people could see elementals more than they can now?

Fairies & other elemental beings: what they are and how to connect with them: an interview with Alphedia | Picnic

Definitely.  Because they were out in nature.  They lived in the natural world.  Our main problem here in the Western world is most of us are stuck on computers and live in a concrete jungle.  I mean I live out in the countryside, but also, the earth energy was much higher because humans weren’t trashing it.

The ley lines were still intact, and they’re so important – The earth energy lines because the elementals gather around them, and also, the key for working with elementals is having open heart chakras.

If we’re not out in nature, our heart chakras are not getting the nourishment that they require, and   we’re not communicating with the land, we’re so disconnected from it.  In the past, people had to farm the land, and to grow the crops themselves.  They picked their own apples.  You were interacting with them.

We were a pagan society and it’s like in science, they talk about paradigm shifts.  The old paradigm existed, which was pagan cultures and then Christianity came along.  They tried to bring in their tradition to working with the old tradition and then they turned into demonising it.  So that is classic paradigm shift pattern.

Then people became scared to leave milk out for the fairies! In the past, the last crop field wouldn’t be cut because they’d leave that for the Little Folk or the Gentry, as they would call them!

I went to Ireland on my honeymoon and they still believe.  If you go out into the rural areas in Ireland, they still believe in fairies!

In England, it’s just pretty much non-existent, but Scotland and Ireland do because the folklore is so rich, everybody had an awareness, whereas here in Scotland, not everybody has an awareness now.


Do magical creatures and realms exist on the astral plane or how exactly does it work?

Imagination is part of your creativity and that is the thing that elementals talk a lot about because when you’re actually daydreaming, you’re allowing your mind to be expansive and you can become aware of all these realms.

They do exist in the other realms and often, if people are having daydreams or dreams about them or if you’ve even just sitting, imagining them, you may have got many guides around about you.

They’ll be dropping these visions into your head to remind you of what your divine life path is. We’ve come in with a divine life path, but we’re birthed through the veils of illusion so we forget of what our divine life path is.

We’ve got all these guides around about us – Angels, fairies, spirit guides, ascended masters, whoever, trying to help us get on our path and to remind us about our path, but ‘cause we are free willed, they’re not allowed to interfere unless we ask them to help us.

So once you open the door up to them, then they’ll all come through.  And I tend to find that most of the things that sort of exist within fantasy fiction are reality actually because the idea of them has come from somewhere.


Can elemental beings ever harm us?  Are they always good?  Have you ever heard any instances of a bad interaction between a human and an elemental?

Well, of course, in folklore, there is lots of tales, but I’m always saying to people that there’s no such thing as good and bad.  That’s a judgment.  And as we’re moving into the fifth dimension, we’re moving out of place of judgment because judgment comes from the ego self.  It doesn’t come from the heart.

Every experience you have in life, there is a reason that you’re having that experience.  There are some elementals who don’t want to interact with humans.

I was actually giving a talk at the Glasgow Body and Soul Fair at the weekend and somebody asked me the same question.  And in Scotland, the fairies are split into two camps.  One’s known as the Seelie Court and one’s known as the Unseelie Court, and the Seelie Court fairies are totally happy to communicate with us.  The Unseelie Court fairies don’t want to have any interaction to do with humans.

They’re just really fed up with how we’ve trashed the environment.  But the elementals mirror back to us “our behaviour” and “our state of being”.  All the elementals have been doing is showing them their shadow side.

They can’t harm you because they’re not in the physical realm, but believe me, I have come across beings, off-world beings, who’ve caused me a lot of psychic attack.  But that’s only because there’s been that fear vibration or they’ve been using aspects of myself.

The only way they have power is through using aspects of yourself.  For example, your fear body, so the more you work on your spiritual growth, the more you work on clearing your pain body, letting go of emotions such as anger, and hatred, greed, fear, guilt – All these emotions that no longer serve us as we move into fifth dimension.

The more you work on your body, the more positive experiences you’ll have. If you are communicating with them for pure reasons and coming from a place of love, then that’s all you will attract back.

For more information go to http://www.elementalbeings.co.uk/ and read Alphedia’s books and articles

If people would like to learn more about elementals, no matter where they are in the world, you can kind of do a consultation.  Is that correct?

I run workshops.  I record it so people all over in the world take place in my workshops.  A lot of customers are all around the world who want to work with dragons and I do lots of different things with them.

I told my partner I was speaking with you today.  And he, of course, wanted to know about gnomes.  You’ve spoken a little bit about them.  But are gnomes real?  Do they exist?

Oh.  Yes.  Gnomes are hilarious.  I wrote about them.  Gnomes are the guardians of ley lines, so you’ll find gnomes where there’s any energy lines.

Gnomes are great elementals to work with!  I don’t know about the elementals in Australia, but I would imagine that you’ve a lot of ley lines going through, so there’ll be gnomes in Australia as well you can go and communicate with.  Men tend to like gnomes.  That’s quite funny!

 For more information head to Alphedia’s website Elemental Beings 

  1. December 17, 2014

    Most “normal/ordinary” people still don’t believe in the existence of fairies & elementals & magic etc, and even getting more skeptic & atheist about it simply because:

    1) there’s no hard, solid proof enough to convince them, and
    2) there’s also been way too many lies, hoax, scams, deceits, & even dirty snakes-oil among ironically the “spiritual” and/or “truther / truthseeker” , “New Age / New-Age / New-Agers” community/circles.

    In short, 90% of it is just made-up lies, wishful thinking, delusions, imagination, fantasy, and/or dirty marketing for “New Age” products.

    sad but true.
    You/we need to show these 90% majority of “normal/ordinary/average Joe” type of people more HARD, SOLID PROOF. that’s the only way all these things could be seen as really valid & credible.

    – from Indonesia –

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