13 things not to forget before you travel

I love to travel, most of us do…although I do know a few people who would rather poke their eye out with a fork than leave their own backyards. With the ever-cheapening of flights, it is getting easier and easier to travel; but I don’t just mean long distances, sometimes even getting away for a weekend can be exciting.

This weekend, The Boyf and I went to West Wyalong for a family event. It’s a town that’s “true country” – about 5 hours inland from Sydney. Think sheep, cattle, rolling hills, some lushness, lots of dryness, truck stops, old country houses that were broken and battered by the elements…it was very cool.

Nothing ruins a holiday like forgetting an essential item, or turning the car around after three hours because you’re convinced you left the oven on. Here are 13 things not to forget before you travel.

#1: Empty your bins

Don’t forget to do this! Make sure you empty all your bins (rubbish or trash cans) before you go on your journey – there’s nothing worse than coming back home to a stinky house.

#2: Close your windows

Same deal – make sure you don’t accidentally leave a window open or you might regret it when you get back. Obviously someone could get in, or your home could be exposed to the elements.

#3: Turn off power points

This is a good discipline to have. A trick I like to do is to make sure I turn things off ‘consciously’ – as in, I make sure I am present and considered when I switch them off. That way I have no doubt when I’m on the road.

#4: Organise homes/nourishment for kids/pets/plants

OK, I don’t have kids, and if you do, I doubt that you’d forget to organise someone to take care of them! Still, it’s essential to provide for the living things in your home. Ask a friendly neighbour, or your sister to help.

#5: Check your chargers and devices

Check, check and double check your devices before you leave! Make sure they are all charged up, particularly if you’re flying as there are now restrictions on taking electronic equipment with no charge on planes.

#6: Remember reading material

If you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing that you like to read! Download books to Google Play, bring hard copy books from your local library and treat yourself to some trashy magazines for the drive/plane trip/train trip.

#7: Bring a pen

I know you think you don’t need one in this day and age but they come in so handy! Pens are great for noting down directions, filling out forms and playing hangman when you are bored.

#8: Talk to friends and family

Never go on holiday without telling people where you are going! This is so that they don’t worry about you. I know it seems obvious, but every year, thousands of people are reported as missing persons because they don’t tell their loved ones where they have gone.

#9: Bring enough socks or towels

If it’s cold, bring extra socks. If it’s going to be hot, bring extra towels – even if you are going to a hotel/motel where they are supplied. You might also consider taking your pillow with you (or just a pillow case) for that “touch of home”.

#10: “cheat sheet” for the day of the journey

There will be things you cannot pack the night before, because you will need them in the morning: toothbrush, hairbrush, mascara, phone charger, keys…make a short list of the ‘final’ things you’ll need to bring to make the day of the journey that much easier.

#11: Music playlist

Don’t forget! Make sure you create a new playlist or two to keep you entertained. On mine at the moment would be Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, 28 Days, Neil Young (sorry – can’t help it), David Guetta and Pills and Potions Nicki Minaj.

#12: Change your sheets

There is nothing nicer than coming home to beautiful, fresh sheets. I always change mine before I leave for holidays so I can come home to a nice, fresh bed. It’s also important to make sure your house is neat and tidy, so you have that ‘relief’ feeling when you get home.

#13: Have a “come home” treat

Put something nice in the fridge (Chardonnay, Mint Slice biscuits?) for when you return. Other nice things might be to lay out your comfiest tracksuit on the bed or to treat yourself to a new, unopened book or new bubble bath lotion.


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