What your favourite drink says about you

Good morning gorgeous! Let’s do a little personality test, shall we? Below are 10 different types of drinks, each one a very popular drink somewhere in the world. All you have to do for this personality test is pick your favourite drink and I will tell you a bit about your personality.

Here’s what your favourite drink says about you

Black coffee

Hard workin’, hard lovin’, no-nonsense, if you’re a lover of black coffee, you are probably quite sexy and a very good lover, proficient in the art of turning your partner on. You like to work hard, you’re grumpy in the mornings and you need to make sure you continue to look after your health.

Mixed fresh fruit juices

You’re either quite lean or slightly overweight, with a genuine drive to want to be as healthy as you can be – most days. You’re a big kid at heart and you’re always spending too much money and talking too loud. You find yourself often distracted at work and your colleagues are always telling you to be quiet. You have a big heart.


You like the good things in life, but you can be flighty and uncooperative at times. You are probably very good looking (most days) and you like to wear fine clothes and expensive shoes. You are bossy and occasionally you are accused of being old-fashioned and difficult. If things aren’t done your way, you get agitated quickly.

Fancy, artisan coffee

You like to lead the trends and you are particular about what you do, who you see and what you wear. You’re conscious about the environment and you prefer your coffee ingredients to be ethically sourced. You spend your weekends scouring local farmers’ markets and working in your sustainable veggie garden.

Red wine

An old lush, you really don’t care much for convention. You’re a party guy or gal who loves to dress up and look good. You have a great face with wonderful features, but it’s your dry wit that makes people want to hang out with you. On the weekends you’ll crawl out of bed late, scroll through social media and troll people for fun.


Nectar of the gods, you are god-like yourself. You have next to super-human strength and a high level of vitality. You are concerned about your health and you dream of big things, especially a better future for yourself and others. You care deeply about those less fortunate than you and you need to steer clear of coming across as a zealot.

Green Tea

Look at you! You are twelve kinds of health! You love yoga or alternative ways of keeping fit. You might own a paddleboard or badminton net. You have a sexy girlfriend or boyfriend – or maybe both at the same time – because you’re an alternative type who doesn’t stick with convention. Your body is one of your best assets and you know it!

Beer or Larger

Casual, loving, warm and jovial, you’re the type of guy or girl that people love to hang out with. You don’t really care too much about what you wear, but your boyish or girlish good looks make up for your lack of fashion-taste. On the weekends you play sport or watch your kids play sport, then you go to McDonalds (c’mon – admit it!)

Green Smoothie

Your body is your temple and you are trying to get healthier every day. You’re trying to get to the gym at least 4 times a week but you’ve only been once in the last fortnight. You waste food and always throw away your herbs before you use them in fresh cooking. You love to go shopping and spend lots of money. Sometimes you are very serious, but always loving.


You always play by the rules and you see no need to change yourself for others. You have a ‘standard’ outfit that you wear most days; it’s something that makes you feel “put together”. You have a professional job and you speak to your mum on the phone at least 3 times a week. You love chocolate and cakes, and you have a great sense of humour.


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