What your favourite drink says about you

Good morning gorgeous! Let’s do a little personality test, shall we? Below are 10 different types of drinks, each one a very popular drink somewhere in the world. All you have to do for this personality test is pick your favourite drink and I will tell you a bit about your personality. Here’s what your […]

Career Quiz: How to work out your life and career priorities and discover your passion

I went through a bit of a career change a while ago – and it was the best thing I had ever done. All of us have many skills and often we find ourselves falling into job roles we can do, but that we don’t enjoy for one reason or another. Work out your “working […]

The Career Satisfaction Quiz

How to answer: choose A, B, C or D with the feeling that most closely matches yours. A:            Strongly Disagree B:            Disagree C:            Agree D:            Strongly Agree The questions, choose A, B, C or D: I always see the best in people, even if I find them difficult. (A B C […]