21 Quick ways to stop yourself from overeating

The world is in an obesity crisis – there are very few countries that are exempt. I have previously blogged about the 20 Obesity facts from around the world: how does your country stack up? And I discovered that the problem is growing, and growing rapidly. But we all know this.

Let’s face it – obesity is misery

Obesity is awful, a scourge on our society, and anyone who is obese lives with daily pain and daily shame. People become obese by overeating. There are many other factors cited as to why we are obese – but at the core of it – I truly believe that the biggest problem is that we simply eat too much. Food is now readily available, all the time, day and night. It is just so accessible.

Food used to be more disgusting

Imagine life before electricity? How much more crappy would food have been back then? There was still many cases of obesity and morbid obesity before the invention of refrigeration – check out this crazy post on the world’s most obese people. There were obese people in Ancient Rome, and during the Elizabeth Era.

A study called ‘A history of obesity, or how what was good became ugly and then bad’, says in its abstract: “Chronic food shortage and malnutrition have been the scourge of humankind from the dawn of history. The current worldwide epidemic of obesity, now recognized as a public health crisis, is barely a few decades old. Only after the technological advances of the eighteenth century did a gradual increase in food supply became available.”

So – with all that in mind, here are 21 ways to stop yourself from overeating.

  1. Listen to your body: Learn to listen to your body’s cues as to when you feel hungry.
  2. Smell: Use your sense of smell to distract yourself from food. Smell fresh lavender or rosemary.
  3. Walk: Go for a 15 minute walk around the block. Use all your senses.
  4. Phone a friend: distract yourself for 10 minutes by calling a good friend and talking through your feelings.
  5. Take 5 deep breaths: Re-centre yourself by connecting with your breath.
  6. Listen to an inspiring song: Crank up a tune that makes you feel good.
  7. Drink miso: This is a low calorie way to fill yourself up.
  8. Don’t snack between meals: Overeating can happen when you eat too many small meals.
  9. Eat protein: It is harder to overeat when you include protein in your diet.
  10. Drink water: Make sure you haven’t confused hunger with thirst.
  11. Eat slowly: Make sure you take your time with your food.
  12. Eat at a table: Make dining an experience, don’t eat on the run.
  13. Have lots of little tastes: Keep your palette amused by lots of little dishes.
  14. Use spices and herbs: These add flavour and interest to your food.
  15. Calorie-count: Yes, I really believe in it.
  16. Eat chilli: If you overeat, adding some chilli may stop you from eating too much.
  17. Eat some fats: using a bit of butter, oil or fat can actually stop you eating too much.
  18. Eat with slim people: Obesity is contagious. Sit with slim people to eat.
  19. Use chopsticks: These really slow you down.
  20. Have a hot drink: Sipping green tea while you eat can have benefits.
  21. Love yourself: Work on self-love and cure your need to nurture yourself with food.

What do you think of these tips? Are there any I have missed?


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