21 Quick ways to stop yourself from overeating

The world is in an obesity crisis – there are very few countries that are exempt. I have previously blogged about the 20 Obesity facts from around the world: how does your country stack up? And I discovered that the problem is growing, and growing rapidly. But we all know this. Let’s face it – […]

Taking Charge of My Life by Telling Myself a Better “Personal-Story”

I have been having trouble with some negative self talk lately, and it’s getting out of hand. I have discussed this problem on my blog before, but I am finding this a constant struggle. I have recently split with my partner, whom I loved very much, and I am still feeling very emotional and distraught. […]

How to Let Go: of People and Things

Letting go: It’s hard isn’t it? As humans we have a tendency to hold onto things, particularly things we think we need. There are those shows on TV now where people hoard things and their houses get filled with layers and layers of junk and clutter until the places are uninhabitable. I always find these […]

How I Plan to “Date” Myself : Getting Used to My Own Company Again

I’ve got no idea who I really am. Of course, that sounds absurd; if I don’t know myself, then who possibly can? Aren’t I the one in charge of dressing myself, choosing my food, putting myself to bed and getting myself to work? So how can it be that I totally don’t know myself at all? I have […]