Write My Essay: Your Quick 1 Minute Guide to the Perfect Essay

Write my essay: your quick 1 minute guide to the perfect essay

What’s the formula for the perfect essay? When you get down to it, as an academic, you will end up writing a lot of essays during your educational career.

Essay writing is so popular in secondary learning as it demonstrates two things, that you can organise your thoughts and that you are an effective communicator. Essays also demonstrate language comprehension and are a creative mode of assignment. If you want to succeed in your learning and your future career, then becoming proficient at writing essays is essential.

Write My Essay: Your Quick 1 Minute Guide to the Perfect Essay

What’s the secret I can use to write my paper?

Let’s be frank, there is no real secret to writing a great paper or dissertation, but the first step is to do proper research and to organise your thoughts effectively. An essay is like an argument – you need to set up your points in a coherent way and convince your intended audience of your positioning.

The importance of arguments and citations

Of course, when you write an essay you need to back up your points with proper arguments. These cannot just come from you (from your own reasoning) but must include expert theories, and demonstrate that you have consulted (and understood) contemporary and historical points on your subject matter.

To write an effective essay you must consult the best names in your field of research. An expert is someone of note, someone who has written on the subject before and has been critically acclaimed for their reasoning on the subject matter.

How to structure your essay

  1. Introduction: A well written essay will have a great introduction that sets up your topic and ‘teases’ the points you will raise.
  2. Formatting: Your essay should have a clear beginning, middle and ending.
  3. Arguments: Your essay should cite several arguments (often opposing) and weigh in on them, using experts and citations.
  4. Conclusion: Your essay should have a firm conclusion, that wraps up your topic and gives the audience (reader) a sense of fulfilment, or a “what to do next”.
  5. Flow: Your writing should be clear, non-flowery and should be easy to read, with a good ‘flow’.

Should I pay a custom writer service or website to write my essay?

There are websites you can go for online help when you get stuck. Some of these are quite cheap and some are not-so-cheap. Of course, you should do as much of your own work as possible – as a student who writes their own work will always be the best regarded in the long term. It’s not really ethical to buy a full essay but it’s fine to spend some of your money on a service that will help you organise your work in an appropriate way.

Who can help me if I get stuck?

There are many services available online to help you if you get stuck. A tutor can help you with organisation, essay editing and more. Be sure that you understand your college or university’s policy on plagiarism and make sure that you work ethically and ask for the right kind of help.

“Any student knows they must submit their own work, which means of course the answers prepared by [a] website provider would have to be substantially modified by the student to make the work the student’s own work,” says academic David Caruso, the director of the litigation law unit at the University of Adelaide. Be aware of the kind of help you are receiving and use essay writing services as a guide and a helping hand only. All the finished academic work should be your own.

Write My Essay: Your Quick 1 Minute Guide to the Perfect Essay
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Write My Essay: Your Quick 1 Minute Guide to the Perfect Essay
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