How to Create a Writing Plan for Any Topic

How to create a writing plan for any topic

Creating a writing plan before you begin putting words onto a page is a great way to ensure that what you end up with is of high value to your audience. Whether you’re writing an article, an essay, a research paper or a piece of creative writing, it’s always a good idea to plan out […]

Write My Essay: Your Quick 1 Minute Guide to the Perfect Essay

Write my essay: your quick 1 minute guide to the perfect essay

What’s the formula for the perfect essay? When you get down to it, as an academic, you will end up writing a lot of essays during your educational career. Essay writing is so popular in secondary learning as it demonstrates two things, that you can organise your thoughts and that you are an effective communicator. […]

10 tips on how to do your homework on time

10 tips on how to do your homework on time

Homework. It’s a necessary thing in life and it’s usually not ever fun. Learning how to do your homework on time is a skill that will take you from school age, right though university or college and beyond – into your working years. Everyone has to learn to work to deadlines, this leads to a […]