Blogging Tips: How to Write a Great Blog Article

Blogging tips: how to write a great blog article

There are only a few essential blogging tips that you really need to pay attention to. It’s no secret that absorbing, captivating stories are one of the main factors that make a blog popular. Authenticity is also a major factor – you can’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

You should be aiming to write articles that keep your readers highly engaged with your content. Aim to write articles that people want to read over and over again, and share with their friends and even quote from and link to.

There are some articles out there that make a blog so interesting you can’t wait for the updates. Isn’t this what you aspire to as a blogger? What can you do to make your blog articles interesting, engaging and unique? Here are some suggestions that might help you make your blog posts much more exciting.

Blogging Tips: How to Write a Great Blog Article

#1: Generate your own ideas; don’t just reflect current trends

For some reason, many bloggers feel uneasy with the idea of writing about real things – that is, to share their own ideas and their personal experience. Their blog posts might even be reposts of some popular articles or translations of articles written in other languages. That’s no way to gain an audience! Let’s face it – this kind of strategy is not geared towards a long-term perspective. Google bots will catch you out with a future penalty! Here’s some writing advice for you: it’s impossible to build a long-running project on borrowed ideas. You have to be original.

On the other hand, blogs with strongly pronounced personality, authors of which generate their own ideas and share them with their audience are the most successful ones. Why? Well, because if your readers can find something in your blog that they can’t find anywhere else, the chance they’ll stop following you is not as great. So, think of creative writing ideas that will help you make your blog stand out. Write from the heart – your readers will appreciate it.

#2: Look for ideas in your favourite primary sources

Where do you get our ideas? There’s nothing wrong with writing about current affairs and trends. News sites, TV channels and other popular blogs can all be sources of inspiration, it’s all down to how you go about tailoring and refreshing your content. Typical blogging tips online sometimes forget to mention this.

If you are spoilt for choice as far as unique creative ideas go, there’s nothing to worry about; just remember that trends are something with limited lifespans, so it’s important to talk about trends as soon as they appear, and then to sacrifice traffic as the trends wane.

It’s essential to regularly check updates on primary sources – large websites, news portals or any other sources that fit your blog topic. You just need to make sure you always check facts for accuracy. It might also be great to share different opinions on the same issue. This is something your blog articles have in common with essay writing.

#3: Determine which areas appeal to you the most and write about what you’re an expert in

What do you really love? It’s important to share your authentic passion with your readers. Writers’ fatigue is a real problem. Check out Bored of blogging? 20 tips when you’re tired of blogging. Beginner bloggers often wonder if they can keep a blog about everything. The answer is yes, of course you can, but most often than not, a blog like that will lose out to a specialised blog on a specific topic.

High-quality, specialised blogs written by authors who really love what they are writing about are always the most saleable ones. Once in a while, try to adopt practices of top bloggers: read their articles, think of what makes them so captivating and try to see what your own articles lack.

The unique character of a specialised blog lies in offering readers that valuable something that readers can’t find anywhere else. It may be some new information, a personal interpretation of a news event or a totally original piece of content. There may be other blogs with the same topic, but the unique original approach is what sets good writing and great writing apart, and makes popular blogs really stand out. There is something to be said about “niche-ing” your topic – breaking your subject matter down to the macro level.

Blogging tips are essentially guidelines

  1. You need to constantly work on developing and increasing your knowledge
  2. Improve your writing skills
  3. Study and refer back to popular bloggers
  4. Grow as a person and as a professional

You can’t stop learning; and for this to work, you’ll have to choose the area of interest that will be interesting to explore. If this doesn’t happen, you will very soon give up on what you’ve started – which basically means that you’ll waste a great deal of time and energy for nothing. These are the main blogging tips you need to pay attention to.

Hopefully this advice will come in useful for you and help you to write more interesting stories to attract an even more dedicated audience. Good luck!

Blogging Tips: How to Write a Great Blog Article
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Blogging Tips: How to Write a Great Blog Article
What are the 3 most essential blogging tips that you need to know? Check this easy, quick list and improve your blog’s performance.
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