Meaning of Blood Moon, Monster Moon, Super Moon & Lunar Eclipses | Super Moon November 2016

Meaning of the Super Moon in November 2016 | Astrology

There is a Super Moon coming! If you love astrology you will know the Super Moon coming in November 2016 is the biggest, boldest and brightest a moon has been lighting our nights since the 1930s. She’s up in the sky- beaming down her love and magical energy to you – or is she?

Astrology of a Super Moon, full moons, and lunar eclipses

Something that is important to note is that, “Super Moon” isn’t a genuine astrological or astronomical term. Astrologer, Richard Nolle, first used the term in 1979 and today people have been labelling various moons with names that might help describe their energy, for example, a Blood Moon or a Monster Moon.

Full moons and lunar eclipses are flushed with energy. “A lunar eclipse happens when the earth, sun and moon align in space, with Earth in the middle. At such times, Earth’s shadow falls on the full moon, causing a lunar eclipse,” according to Earth Sky.

Occasionally, a Super Moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse. The most recent occurrence of this was in late September back in 2015. The next time we will see a Super Moon in the sky will be in 2033. What will you have achieved by then?

Eclipses are time to cleanse yourself of energies

Meaning of Blood Moon, Monster Moon, Super Moon & Lunar Eclipses | Super Moon

In a past post I wrote: Eclipses are a time when your life is cleansed of things. This can often be very painful. I have personally felt the effects of recent eclipses and moons quite strongly. They caused me enormous pain but it was all worth it – worth it! I have had people suddenly exit my life – shocking to me and soul destroying – but thank you, oh universe, for everything you’ve done for me.

Full Moons are Harvest Time

According to many astrologers (and farmers!) full moons are harvest time, so what you have reaped, so shall you sow. There are particular moons called “Harvest Moons” that fall nearest the start of the autumnal equinox. Usually this is September, October for the Northern Hemisphere.

During the time of this Super Moon it’s really important to think about what you have been sowing over the past few cycles. What has your energy been like? What seeds have you planted? Were you watering them, tending to them and keeping them safe? These seeds will be sure to sprout over the next few weeks – so be happy!

Full Moon in Taurus in November 2016

Taureans are loving, gracious, stubborn and independent. Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so this moon should have tones of sex and love to it as well. It’s time to slow down and appreciate the beauty in life – some beauty is so rare it only happens once every few generations!

“This Moon is a leveller that brings us home to ourselves and our physical body. The world out there can wait says Taurus. Be patient. Reconnect with Mother Earth,” says one of my favourite websites, Evolving Door. Have you been taking time out to nurture yourself? If not – start! Taureans need to be pampered and loved – and they love beautiful things and luxury.

Let go of control – allow your spirit to take over

There is an energy with this Super Moon that says you need to let go. Let go of the outcome and be at peace with the Universe. Focus only on the present and do not get lost in the past or plan too much for the future – the Universe is in a state of flux and any planning you do may need to be tweaked in the coming months.

Full moons and indeed Super Moons can be very, very intense so there is likely to be lots of energy flying around. If you start to feel upset, wait until the emotional storm has passed and THEN respond. Do not be drawn into petty arguments that will get you nowhere.

Relationship troubles might happen during a Full Moon

I have written quite a bit about full moon eclipses and various types of moons on this blog before as I suffered one of the worst breakups of my life during a Monster Moon. At the time I thought my world was ending – a man I loved had run off into the distance – never to be seen or heard of again.

When this occurred, I was heartbroken. Looking back on this, I have no idea why. The guy was a class-A, bona fide, card-carrying JERK FACE. You can read all about our breakup here in this post My Partner is Leaving Me, But I’m OK: Monster Moon in Libra.

I said to myself at the time of a Full Moon, “…we first have to square off our own intentions, our own expectations. And be clear to ourselves about what we hope will happen. And if it doesn’t, have the courage to keep moving on.”

Meaning of the Super Moon in November 2016 | Astrology
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Meaning of the Super Moon in November 2016 | Astrology
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