How can I change my personality? What is the personality?

So, what is the personalitySome days we wake up feeling really awesome and some days we wake up feeling like death warmed up. I have to say that over the last few months I have been feeling really lousy – have you been feeling the same? When I feel bad I normally feel tired, emotionally drawn, I find it hard to fall asleep and difficult to wake up. I have a lower threshold for emotional pain and I often feel like simply running away.

We cannot escape ourselves – or can we?

For most adults – it’s impossible to just “run away”. I have tried this many times before and as the old saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are.” It means that we cannot escape ourselves – the pain follows us everywhere.

We are all on a spiritual path. Most of us realise this from a very young age and often it gets buried when we start to gain ‘responsibilities’. We can forget that we are spiritual beings that have a true purpose in life, one that surpasses all our humanly needs and wants. For this reason, you can never “run away” – no matter what you do. The only way to transcend and to be free is to transform yourself.


People can and do change

You can transform yourself. Never believe anyone who says “people never change”. This is not true. We all change every day, every minute and every second. Change is certain. Tomorrow you will be a different person to the one reading this today. In ten years you will be different again still. That we change and grow is one of the biggest gifts of life and it is also a major source of anxiety – what will the future bring?

In all our futures there are good and bad things coming. But of course, in reality, there is no “good” and “bad” – simply experiences to be had and learned from. By learning to transcend pain and anger we can truly transform ourselves and become more than we are today. When I consciously began working the spiritual path I encountered a lot of pain – a lot of tests. After some reading I realised that this was normal. This was common. We assume that when we begin on the spiritual path that things will get easier and that the universe will look after us. Often it seems as if things actually get harder.

What is the personality?

In truth, no one can really agree. Personality Spirituality gives a really great insight as to the different ways that personality was measured and tracked throughout history, from the Four Humours in Medieval times to The Big Five of modern psychology. They are pretty clear on one thing, “There is still no agreed psychological understanding of personality. This is because psychologists have yet to agree on their understanding of human nature. Different psychologists hold fundamental beliefs that are diametrically opposed.”

So what are we to believe? The website asks, “Is there such a thing as free will, or is everything we do determined by factors beyond our control such as unconscious processes?” They go on to question, “Can people change of their own volition or are they doomed to remain the same throughout their lives?”

A theory on personality and the Ego

One of the spiritualists I have studied under, Belsebuub, AKA Mark Pritchard, taught me that the “personality” is something that we have and shed with each lifetime. It does not follow us from lifetime to lifetime, instead we gain a new one that suits our circumstances, much as the same way we are assigned different parents, different features, a different country or a different language at birth.

He believes that this personality forms when a child is about seven years old. Until then, we are much more aware and present, until the fears and restrictions of life take us over. He does believe that our egos follow us from incarnation to incarnation, unless we do conscious work to eradicate them. I would urge you to do your own study into this subject, and to observe your own behaviours.


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