7 ways to do nothing at all

I do not feel great. I feel awful! Sometime over the last two weeks I have made myself quite sick! The culprit? Too many late nights, dinners and work and not enough down time where I have to do nothing at all. I frequently like to do nothing. Nothing can take a lot of work. I have come to the conclusion that I often have trouble nurturing myself. I think this can lead to issues of overdoing things in people.

Know what I mean? When I start to feel strung-out and tired, it’s often when I eat too much, drink too much or buy too much. I start to try to fill myself up in other ways and often these are not good for me. I have decided to make a list of ways to appropriately nurture myself. Here are some ways you can do nothing at all.

1. A giant, hard squeeze from someone you love

I am a fan of the good, hard squeeze. No, no! Don’t blush. When I speak about a hard squeeze, a hug is all I mean. It’s good to find (if you are lucky enough) someone who is strong with large arms who can squeeze you very hard, but gently at the same time. That’s what I like.

2. Trip to the library

I am a huge library-lover. Did you know that they will give you books, magazines, DVDs and CDs for FREE? You have to give them back, but I can handle that. I love my local library and just going in there makes me happy.

3. Cooking something weird and new

I like to cook things that are challenging. Creating something new can be a great way to have a relaxing afternoon and to nurture yourself. If your recipe does not work out, don’t worry. Half the fun is in making it, right?

4. Getting my hair done

I do not like beauty treatments. I hate the idea of someone giving me a facial, for example, and I do not like getting my nails done either. However, I like getting my hair done but I always ask the price in advance so I am not shocked.

5. Paint your toenails

I do like doing my own nails, though. Painting my toenails is quite fun and I like to be able to connect with my feet every now and then since they service my body so well by carrying it around all day. They deserve some love.

6. Turn off the TV

I actually dislike most TV and movies. I really only like to watch the news, some TV shows (but not on my own) and documentaries. Usually when I am home alone, I get annoyed after about 1-2 hours of TV, so I switch it off.

7. Re-read your old diaries

I have kept diaries my whole life and they make for some interesting reading. I can’t believe what an idiot my younger self was on some days – and it’s good to be reminded.


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