7 ways to do nothing at all

I do not feel great. I feel awful! Sometime over the last two weeks I have made myself quite sick! The culprit? Too many late nights, dinners and work and not enough down time where I have to do nothing at all. I frequently like to do nothing. Nothing can take a lot of work. […]

Taking Charge of My Life by Telling Myself a Better “Personal-Story”

I have been having trouble with some negative self talk lately, and it’s getting out of hand. I have discussed this problem on my blog before, but I am finding this a constant struggle. I have recently split with my partner, whom I loved very much, and I am still feeling very emotional and distraught. […]

Why You Need to Commit to Making Mistakes, Today!

I’m always making mistakes. Messing up and getting things wrong. I can make mistakes all day: on the road, at work, in documents, with punctuation, spelling, in life, when I argue, when I cancel plans with people, when I make insensitive comments. Mistakes stress me out. I am a natural stress-head and I come from […]

How an Alpha Male Personality Will Attract an Alpha Female | Alpha Woman

How an Alpha Male Personality Will Attract an Alpha Female

The term “Alpha” started to appear in the media a few years back to define those people that take control of a room effortlessly; those people who seem to have the command of others’ attention, those people who seem to get the best jobs, the best lovers, the greatest opportunities. Where does the term come […]