dreaming of birds

Dreaming of Birds | What is the meaning of birds in your dream?

Dreaming of birds is actually a common dream and I have written about what this means before. Birds in your dream can symbolise your goals, aspirations and hopes. They can denote a sunny outlook in life.

Dream Symbols A-Z says, “You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.” This can often be the case when dreaming of birds, but not always.

Today I would like to interpret the dreams of two dreamers who have emailed in for a personal dream reading. If you’d like one, send me an email here.

dreaming of birds

Jade from the United Kingdom describes her dream

“I was attacked by a load of birds! My partner said he woke up to find me standing by the door. I remember shouting, “Birds!” but nothing else. And he also said I shouted, “Get out!”

The dream symbols she noticed were:

  • Flock of birds
  • Doorway
  • Shouting
  • “Get out!”

Dreaming of birds, according to Jade

As I mentioned in an earlier post, to dream of aggressive birds (if they were attacking you, or killing people, in your dream) is a warning to be careful with those around you. Take notice on who you know in your waking life that could remind you of a bird, or who has a name that sounds like a bird’s name – this is the person to watch out for. Dreaming of birds may be symbolic here.

Have you been dreaming of birds regularly? Click here for some additional information on what Dreaming of Birds might mean.

So, Jade, as the birds are attacking you, I would maybe consider that. Let me know if this rings any bells with you. Something that is interesting is that you seem to be guarding the door, acting as a gatekeeper, almost.

This also indicates that you need to be careful of who you are letting into your life. Dream Symbols says, “To dream that you are a gatekeeper indicates that you need to be more careful about who you let into your life.”

dreaming of birds

My second dreamer is named Lenora, who is also dreaming of birds

“In my dream I saw a colourful bird that I called by its name, and it came to me. I touched it and went into another place in my dream. Then I saw more birds, including some that looked like a mother and her babies. She was protecting her three young but two of them were barely moving.”

The dream symbols she noticed were:

  • Mother and baby birds
  • Protection
  • Bird comes when name is called

As we have discovered, dreaming of birds is about your spirituality inside. They are a representation of your goals and highs. In this case, Lenora, you knew the bird’s name, and when you called it, it came to you. This is very interesting, because to hear your name being called in your dream indicates that you are in touch and in tune with your spirituality.

dreaming of birds

However, there could be a deeper meaning to the dream with the mother and baby birds. The mother has three babies, but two of them are not doing well. What areas of your life are you not nurturing or supporting?

Have you been dreaming of birds regularly? Click here for some additional information on what Dreaming of Birds might mean.

Your dream is telling you that out of your three big goals and lofty aspirations, two of them are not doing that well. They are barely moving – I think this dream says that if you want your goals to come to fruition, you need to nurture them like a mother nurtures a child, protect them until they gain the strength to fly on their own.

Does any of this make sense?

What is the meaning of protection in a dream?

According to my favourite dream website, “To dream that you are being protected or need protection indicates that you are feeling helpless in some situation. Life’s difficulties have made you dependable on others. You need to start taking charge of the situation.”

So, Lenora, I think this dream is quite clear. You know what your goals are, you’ve named them. There are three big goals that you want to achieve, high goals, lofty goals. But two out of three of these goals are being neglected, so you need to take charge of the situation and nurture and protect yourself more.

Can you really interpret my dreams for me?

Only you can truly interpret your dreams. But there are some symbols which are common to us all, which someone other than the dreamer can advise on. If you have trouble remembering your dreams. Check out my article How to remember your dreams: in 7 foolproof steps.

Would you like a personal dream symbols reading? Well, what are you waiting for? Email Alyce now!

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  2. Tina
    March 22, 2016

    I had a dream this bird kept chirping very loudly while I was sleep and I woke up to try and find out where the bird was coming from to try and quit the bird but when I looked it was more the one bird but I got them quit but when I laid back down the bird was still chirping and when I looked the head if it was sticking out of my purple gown and I pulled the gown off trying to figure out why was the bird head coming through my gown and I woke up can you help me with this dream?

    1. Tina
      March 22, 2016

      I meant quite the bird please excuse errors

    2. March 24, 2016

      Hi Tina-

      What an interesting dream. OK, I will try to interpret it for you, but at this stage I have a few dreamers ahead of you – but I will try to get to you soon. In the mean time, I have another post on dreaming of birds for you to read:

      Thanks for your comment and I will add you to my list of dreams to do. I should be able to get to you in a week or so.

      –Love, Alyce

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  4. Kaz
    September 21, 2016

    Woke up in gynaecologists office, apparently id blanked out while on a walk.
    Nurse said it wasn’t good
    Gyno told me a bird had attacked my vagina while I was unconscious.
    I then had a flashback to the park & saw a black bird.

    Very confused :((

    1. September 21, 2016

      Hi Kaz,

      Thanks for your comment. I felt the need to quickly respond to you. Birds symbolise our hidden inner joys and our desire for spiritual pursuits. I think there is something going on with your vagina that you need to look into – and it is probably not something physical, but esoteric. The doctor/gyno symbol in your dream suggest you want to take best, professional care.

      Please meditate more and focus your energy on your root chakra. That’s my advice. Best of luck in your journey and thanks for getting in touch.

      x x x Alyce

  5. Lauren
    February 20, 2018

    Last night i dreamed that I was attacked by pigeons inside my home, I was backed into a corner and couldn’t get away. What could this mean?

  6. Maria D
    March 31, 2018

    Hi Tina… I had a disturbing dream I was going out my front door. I saw lots of pigeons with small one’s on the gound very hungry eating something on the ground. I tried to chase them away they refused and overpowered me. I ended up lying on the floor they ate my vagina while I was unconsciously lying there helpless. But i could feel their beaks eating my vagina.

  7. Maria D
    March 31, 2018

    I meant hi Alyce…

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